English Language Arts with
 Mrs. Cormier
 and Ms. Daniel     

    We have hit the half year mark and it is now time to switch teachers to Mrs. Cormier as your ELA teacher with Ms. Daniel remaining as a co-teacher in the 2 ELA classes.  We will continue with lots of reading and writing. 
    You need to continue your reading log and reading nightly for as much as you can.(ideally 20 min. a night) Don't forget to log your reading.  It counts! Along with Mr. Aw, we can help you find a just right book for you to enjoy! For Term 2, you need to read 6 genres by February 8.
    Your first writing project is to write to us about your thoughts about reading and writing and how it's going this year.  More to come.
    Our first major project is the traditional 6th grade project: The Dr. Seuss Project.  It is a favorite in all of Memorial School!  You and a partner will transform a Dr. Seuss book into one of your own and read it to the primary grades on Read Across America Day.
    Our core books that we will read this year are The Giver and Tuck Everlasting.  We look forward to sharing thoughts about these outstanding books and much, much more.  

Let's continue to have a wonderful year of reading and writing, exploring and imagining!
Happy Reading and Writing, 
Mrs. Cormier and Ms. Daniel

ELA Home Learning  

Please remember it is recommended to read 20 minutes each night. 

Please consider attending Directed Study or Academic Support where you can receive help from Mrs. Cormier or Ms. Daniel to catch up with mini-lessons, class reading and/or writing assignmen

 Click Here: Rubric Used to Assess Open Response Essays (Rubric used on the MCAS)


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