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Grade 6 Snack Policy 

Students may bring a grab-and-go morning snack to be eaten in their homeroom between their special and first morning class.

Snack Parameters:

  • NO tree nuts or peanuts,

  • Must be easy to grab and eat without utensils.

  • Must be a quick snack.

  • No juice [water only]

  • No sharing snack

PARENT PORTAL NOW OPENThe parent portal is now open for all parents and guardians to view your child's grades at any time. THERE WILL NO LONGER BE PROGRESS REPORTS SENT HOME. There was an email from the Tech Dept. that gave you your access codes. If you have an older child who has access to the Portal all ready, then it is the same code. PLease refer to this portal for all grades, and assignments. It is suggested to check this on a weekly basis to help your child to makeup any missing work. 
Be aware that the final grades you are seeing may change due to other informal assessments, participation, effort and other factors that are related to that subject area. Each subject has their own policy on weighting of categories used to take the final grade.  
AFTER SCHOOL HELP BUSMonday and Wednesday

There will be an after school bus for students who are bus students. Please send a note and let us know if your child is staying and needs this service. 
 After School Help Schedule
 After School Sessions are from 2:30 to 3:00.

Teacher of the Day: Each teacher is volunteering one day a week to provide a time to do homework and get extra help.
Monday:         Mr. Aw

Tuesday:        Mrs. Feng

Wednesday:   Ms. Dunn

Thursday:       Mrs. Cormier
No after school help on Fridays

After School Help POLICY 
  • Any student is welcome to stay with the "teacher of the day" to complete any subject area homework independently.
  • Students requiring one-on-one extra help from a particular teacher on that teachers assigned day, needs to sign up with that teacher before the after school session.  There will be a sign up list with each teacher.  Please see that teacher the day before or first thing in the morning to sign up.  Teachers with an overload of students will have a special sign-up procedure:  For individual help, each teacher will have three 10 minute slots.  You will have that teachers one-on-one attention during that slot.  Before and after your time, you are free to work independently.  If you are after school to make up a test or make up work, please sign up in the first slot.
  • If you are not in band, we expect you to get extra help during our academic choice times (Wednesday and Friday from 1:30 to 2:15) and leave the after school extra help slots for those who do not have academic choice due to their band schedule.  You still need to sign up with that teacher and see that teacher if you need to make up work, make up a test, or need help with a particular concept so we have time to prepare and copy/gather the materials you need.









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