Students are expected to practice math facts each evening, as well as read for 20 minutes.   Quick recall of math facts is a must and will make math go more smoothly. 

Practice multiplication/Division facts nightly
In addition to math, Ms. Bresciani assigns 20 minutes of reading (Mon. - Thurs.) each night and a reading log is due each Friday.

Students MUST continue practicing multiplication and division facts nightly. 


Monday:    Practice mult. and div. facts  (Fact families) for at least 20 minutes 
                   Math paper:  No school

Tuesday:    Practice mult. and div. Facts  
                   Math paper:   Number Puzzles  
Wednesday:   Practice div. Facts  
                        Math :  Introducing Variables
Thursday:    Practice mult. and div. Facts 
                      Math paper:  Introducing Shorthand Notation
Homework typically is not assigned on Friday, unless there is a long range project