HOPE Expedition 2009 Togo (West Africa)

HOPE Expedition 2009/TOGO

Our days were packed with various engagements such as leading Training Sessions for 50 people,
Childrens' Outreaches, Workshops for women, men and youth,as well as evening teaching sessions,
evangelism meetings with churches, and open air campaigns.
It had been an historical and educational venture as well.  We visited a former slaver trader's house on
the coast of Togo and in two notorious slave trade castles in Ghana to learn what captive Africans went
through during the days of slave trade. Those moments were humbling and gave opportunities for healing
and reconciliation so that we can move forward into God's purposes for our futures.
Thanks for praying for us during this mission!
Thanks to all of you who contributed financially and materially to make this trip a success for the glory of God!