Getting Comments lets us know other people are enjoying our Blog.

If you are new to blogging and making comments, you might like to include some of these. 
  • Type a greeting to the class.
  • You might like to make a personal connection to something mentioned in the post.
  • Keep your comments positive so the children are encouraged.
  • Maybe you would like to ask a question about the post.
  • End with a friendly farewell. 

If you are not sure how to make a comment just follow these simple instructions:

  • At the bottom of the post you will see the 'comments'  link...  click on it
  • Type your comment in the box that appears.

  • In the 'comment as'  box click on the drop down arrow to 'select your profile'....  find Name/URL and select it.

  • Once selected, just add your name in the 'Name' box. Identify yourself in some way eg. your first name or Peter's Mum or Jane's Dad. You don't need to worry about the URL box unless you have a webpage or Email that you want to share. 
  • Sometimes if you are signed into a google account already you might have difficulty over-riding the google 'sign in', and have to 'sign out' first before being able to add your name. You might find it easier to select anonymous and then tell us your name.
  •  Click on 'Continue'.

  •  Because of a problem with spam you will be asked now to verify yourself. I am sorry I have to include this step but I just get too much spam mail. Just follow the instructions and copy the letters and numbers you will see on your screen . No spaces are needed. If you can't read the letters or numbers (which seems to be a problem sometimes)  just click on the wee round arrow (refresh) and they will change to something more readable, I hope.

  • At this stage you are done. 
  • There will be a delay in your comment appearing on our blog because it has to be approved by me first.

We look forward to your comments.
Room 3 Hope School.