This collaborative effort brings together HHMI program directors representing Hope College, Tuskegee University, Gonzaga University, North Carolina Central University, Gettysburg College, Tougaloo College, Smith College, Emory University and Morehouse College. The team represents a group of institutions with varying HHMI experience ranging from Capstone to first-time awardees. The primary objective is to advance the implementation of institutional CRE projects through:
  • developing local expertise to translate research topics into viable CREs by 
    • Identification of exemplary CRE curricula 
    • Professional development of faculty/instructional staff/learning assistants 
    • Identification and implementation of CRE assessment program. 
  • sharing ideas and CRE products 
The proposed project entails developing and conducting two workshops for faculty teams from the collaboration in the first two years of this grant. The first workshop will focus on the CRE development process – helping faculty to design their first CRE. The second workshop CRE developers will refine their CRE and professional development programs based on prior experiences.

In the final two years of the collaborative project, the PIs will continue to meet at different collaboration campuses to share ideas about their CRE programs and other aspects of their HHMI programs. These additional meetings will not only help to disseminate information within the collaboration, but will serve as opportunities for the team to work on manuscripts and presentation which will allow them to disseminate their program results to with broader STEM education community.