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    - Created in Summer 2014 by a team of     Hope College students

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Warm Friend Tavern
The Warm Friend: The Warm Friend was first built as a hotel in April 1925 by the Holland Furnace Company whose motto was “Holland furnaces make warm friends.” Resthaven Patrons, Inc. bought the hotel in 1981 and turned the building into a residential retirement home. 

James HuntleyOne of Holland’s leading builders, contractors, and architects in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Martin Luther King Junior Memorial
The Martin Luther King Jr. Vigil: Held on Friday, April 5, 1968, the day after King’s assassination. Over 1000 individuals marched from Hope College’s campus to Centennial Park, located at 10th and River Streets.

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The purpose of Digital Holland is to unite and share the history of Holland, Michigan in a digital location accessible to the public. Digital Holland strives to highlight the diversity of the community and instill appreciation of its heritage in the contributors and users. The production of the website is a collaborative effort among community members, Hope College students, faculty, and staff. All interested individuals are invited to contribute.
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First announced in the autumn of 1910, the Knickerbocker Theater has always sought to provide "one of the best little playhouses in the state" (February 20, 1920). Since entrepreneur Tieman Slagh first constructed the lonely edifice on Eighth Street more than one-hundred years ago, this "beautiful playhouse" (March 2, 1911) has exhibited all varieties of entertainment, from Navy Secretary Franklin Delano Roosevelt to a seven-ton elephant! Although financial struggles have beseiged the enterprise since its beginning and ownership has shifted nine times, the historic Knickerbocker Theater remains on Eighth Street to this day, serving as a tangible reminder of Holland's unique history and forever "preserving our heritage" (September 1, 2005).
The Knickerbocker Theatre
Founded in 1910, Holland's Knickerbocker Theatre has weathered poor economic times, numerous ownership changes, and two World Wars since its first showing of Brewster's Millions more than one-hundred years ago. Still, it remains as a landmark of Holland's extraordinary perseverance and unbreakable fortitude.