Summer Reading 2017

Build a Better World Summer Reading Program

Specific School-Based Summer Reading Assignments
  Bumpus Middle School 

Summer Reading in Hoover City Schools
Summer is a terrific time for children and teens to read. It is the best time for children to choose books that fit their interests, whether they are stories of hot air balloon races, building rockets, beach mysteries, or adventures in camping, for example.

Research tells us that students need to read during the summer to maintain their independent reading levels.  In the fall, the impact of a student not having read during the summer months, combined with the fact that many of his or her new classmates did read during the summer may result in a reading ability gap. This gap could potentially widen each year, making it difficult for students to keep up with grade level reading expectations. 

When helping your child select books, you may want to visit Common Sense Media to read reviews of books your student is interested in. 

Hoover Public Library is our community partner in encouraging summer reading. Here is a link to their free summer reading program, Build a Better World.  Students can participate by visiting the library or by working online.  The Hoover Public Library has one of the best collections of children's and teen books in the country. 

Scholastic is also offering a free summer reading program for students called Happy Camper.  Click here for details.

Students entering Grades 2-12 may want to join Newsela's free summer reading book clubs, whose informational topics include sports, technology, dance, history, animals, myths, dream jobs, and the environment.

School-Based Summer Reading Assignments