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 In Studio Art/ Ceramics, students will learn to create, present, respond and connect to art. Using a variety of techniques students will create two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art. We will explore visual arts through basic elements and principles of design. Various techniques, skills, art movements and styles will be highlighted in this class. Students will develop skills needed to analyze, evaluate and interpret social and cultural influences in art as well as the expressive, technical and formal properties of art.

Materials Needed


Cell Phone Policy

Students may not use their cell phones in this class at all.


60%    Projects- Research, Planning, Creating, Class Participation, Assessments

30%    In-Class Assignments

10% Critique


  100%  Students will receive a grade out of 100

Lesson and Classwork Website


Student have been given a handout on how to login to website

Behavioral Expectations

Treat others’ as you would like to be treated
Be on time for class. Recurring tardiness will result in a call home
If absent all classwork needs to be made up in a timely fashion
If absent you must make up the time you did not use in class, outside of class
Bring all materials needed for class; erasers and pencils
Homework and assignments will be handed in on time
Respect materials in classroom; do not steal and/or ruin
Follow the rules of the school, district and classroom

Studio Hours

Room 110/109 will be open every Monday and Tuesday after school until 3:15