Mrs. Hayden

Welcome to 

Mrs. Hayden's

NYS Regents Living Environment/Biology Course 

2018 - 2019


Please check my classroom page daily for lab deadlines, homework assignments, and announcements for quiz and exam dates. 

NOTE:  All graded work and labs are due at the beginning of class (BOC) or at the end of the day (EOD) on deadlines. No exceptions.

Click here for daily assignments and notifications

Class Supply List - Please recycle school supplies if they are still in decent condition!  You are not required to have new supplies.    

3-ring binder and loose leaf paper 

     *You may combine your biology binder with other

       classes as long as your other teachers allow the


Pens – blue or black



Please have your supplies by Monday, September 10th.  If you are having difficulty acquiring your supplies, please see me asap so I can help you.