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Week of january 7th

This week we will begin Chapter 4
    • vocabulary: toma, habla, quiere ser
    • occupations vocabulary
    • we will have discussions in Spanish about what students want to be, what classes they take, want to take
    or need to take
    • we will create a story that will be narrated in Spanish and acted out
    • we will do reading practice that reviews Chapter 4 vocabulary in context

We will begin learning a new song
    • “Quiero Ser" by Nubeluz     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUzKS9GIcHc
    • Students should know the underlined words from Spanish to English. 
    • Students should know the occupations vocabulary in the song

We will continue practicing Vocabulary List C

For make-up and extra credit purposes:
Most recent story: CH3 "Derrick"
Current vocab.: CH4
Current song: Quiero Ser

You have until the Monday following your absence to make up work missed. Please use the  Homework List available under Homework in blue box to the left. Complete one assignment for each day you missed.

There is no assigned homework for 7th and 8th grade Spanish, however, there is extra credit homework available. See "Homework" in blue box to the left.
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