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Welcome to ELA 8!

Dear Learner,

            I hope you are as excited as I am to start the school year.  ELA 8 has a challenging curriculum that requires a good work ethic.  This year you will be reading fascinating literature, completing fun projects, and working on writing assignments that will help you progress as a writer.  In order to have a successful year there are a few things I expect from you as a learner.


Classroom Expectations

·         Don’t Ever Give Up

·         Come Prepared

·         Be Respectful

·         Always Try Your Best


Each day you walk into the classroom you should be ready to work.  We have a lot to accomplish this year and in order to do so your complete effort is needed.  You will have every opportunity to be successful in ELA 8. A monthly after school extra help calendar will be posted in the front of the room.  If you need extra help other than these designated times please see me. 

Happy Learning!

Miss Stebbins