Welcome to Mrs. Brownell's Website!

Class Overview:

Welcome to 7th Grade English! I am looking forward to a wonderful and exciting academic year! This year we will be reading engaging and thought-provoking novels you won't be able to put down.  Also, we'll be reading and writing narratives, informational and argumentative texts that will challenge you (remember, if you aren't being challenged you aren't learning!).  Partner and group discussions and collaboration will play a large role in our class this year. By mastering these academic concepts they will help you sharpen your skills as a reader and writer as well as enable you to communicate your ideas effectively.  

Grading Policy:

50% Assessments

40% Classwork

10% Homework

Homework Policy:

Homework is assigned daily and will be worth 10% of your child’s grade.

*Anyone who does not complete a homework assignment will be required to complete the assignment during their lunch period.  If students refuse to complete the assignment during their lunch period, they will get a referral and be given a consequence of an after school detention from 2:20-3:20p.m. for insubordination.   

Teacher Biography:

Mrs. Brownell is entering her fourth year teaching seventh grade English at Hoosick Falls Central School.  This is her sixth year teaching in the Hoosick Falls District and her eleventh year in her teaching career.

Mrs. Brownell is originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania (the sweetest place on earth ;) where she was born and raised.  She attended Messiah College and earned her degree in Communications (Public Relations/Advertising) with a Christian ministries minor.  After working in the nonprofit sector for a year she realized that she was passionate about helping students achieve their goals and decided to attend Wilson College where she earned her teaching certificate for 7-12 English.  Mrs. Brownell taught English in the city of Harrisburg, PA for four years until she met her husband in the spring of 2010.  They were married and moved back to the Hoosick Falls area where her husband is originally from. 

In December of 2012 she earned her Master’s Degree in Education with a major in Reading. Mrs. Brownell is thrilled to call Hoosick Falls Central School home.  Cheering her on at home is her husband Mark, their son Wesley Charles (age 5) and daughter Evelyn Grace (age 2.5).

Mrs. Brownell is dedicated to her students and their families and strives to motivate her students to achieve their fullest academic potential.  Her expectations are high on what each student can and will achieve in English class.  Building relationships with her students and their families is always one of Mrs. Brownell’s top priorities and she looks forward to getting to know each of you better throughout this new year. 

She is excited to see how everyone will grow and learn from one another in the 2018-2019 school year!

~Mrs. B