online accounts

 user name format

examples use Charlie Brown
 contact person
 Data & Security Link 
 Google Apps
Honeoye's login page Google suite of products for education. 
Drive (formerly Docs)

 staff:  first initial last

students: first initial last name.graduation

 anyone in the tech office can reset passwords or create accounts. 
 Google's Security Statement 
 Castle Learning
 www.castlelearning.compractice/review/enrichment problems for all curricular areas. 
 hon-first 3 letters first name first 6 letters last name

 Castle Learning's security statement 
 ixl math
ixl for Honeoye math practice for all grades     
 first initial last name

 ixl's Security Statement
 Accelerated Reader
Honeoye AR reading program for grades 1-6
 user name- first letter first name first 4 letters of last name

 Renaissance Learning's Security Statement 
 Tumble Books

 animated books for primary students   Janelle
 Brain Pop short animated videos for all curricular areas
 user name:  Honeoye
password:  brainpop
 Spelling City

 mostly used by the elementary grades - lets teachers put up weekly spelling lists and gives students different ways to practice spelling words
 Enchanted Learning

 instructional materials for teachers to access - mainly elementary
 user name:  honeoye
password:      quick42
 Ed Helper instructional materials for teachers to access. 
 Learning  A to Z includes Raz-Kids, Reading A to Z, Reading Tutors, Vocab A to Z, Writing A to Z, and Science A to Z   Mike B. 
 Book Share

 Accessible books for students with print disabilities   Jen S.  
 Fountas & Pinnell LLI resources

 Resources on the CD-Rom have been made available online for downloading and printing  user name:
password:  Gobulldogs!