Cart Sign-Out

Cart/Lab Sign-Outs 
Choose the month you need, click on the link.  At the bottom of the spreadsheet are tabs- one for each school day of the month.  Select the date you want. You will see all of the carts and lab available that day. Enter your name for the period(s) you need the cart/lab.  Google docs/drive saves automatically.  If you no longer need a cart/lab that you signed-out please take your name off the list.  

You must be signed into your Honeoye Google Account. 

September 2015                                    February 2016
October 2015                                         March 2016
November 2015                                    April 2016
December 2015                                     May 2016
January 2016                                        June 2016

**Special note about Homer Cart- it only functions as a Chromebook (Google Chrome only)- NO network accounts**

**Please note: Unexpected Maintenance happens and the listed number of computers

may not be available. Please contact for status.