Welcome to McDowell Middle School's technology website.  The goal of this site is to provide a "one stop shop" for accessing technology information, resources, and help.  For a campus our size, we are  amazingly well equipped with technology tools and resources.  We have 21st Century equipment such as: interactive boards, probes, digital microscopes, digital calculators, document cameras, student response systems, computer labs, GPS systems, and mobile netbook carts.  Every day new technology emerges on the web that is free for teachers to use in enhancing lessons and educating students in the application of technology to curriculum and life.  In short, it's an exciting time to be a teacher at McDowell Middle School.
Please use the navigation bar to your left to sign up for labs, watch video tutorials, request technology repairs, sign up for staff development, locate resources, or request assistance with integrating technology.  I am open to suggestions for adding content to this page and for any ideas that you may have that will make accessing technology easier and more efficient.  Also, if you would like to share a link to a resource other teachers can use, please send me the information.
Thanks for being AWESOME,
Lori Williams


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