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Horario 2017/2018:
    Periodo 1 - Spanish I
    Periodo 2 - Spanish II
    Periodo 3 - ESOL
    Periodo 4 - ESOL
    Periodo 5 - ESOL
    Periodo 6 - ESOL
    Periodo 7 - ESOL
    Periodo 8 - ESOL
    Periodo 9 - ESOL/Spanish

Home phone: (607) 749-0419

Un chiste: 
Dos peces en el mar, ¿vale?
 Y un pez dice al otro pez: ¿qué hace tu padre? 
 Y el otro pez dice: nada.  

10 Tips for learning a new language:
1. Know why you're doing it - Sounds obvious, but without a good reason you are not going to stay motivated.
2. Find a partner - A sibling or any kind of partner, a native speaker is great if you can find one but not necessary.
3. Talk to yourself - When there's no-one else, there's nothing wrong with talking to yourself, or read aloud and listen to your pronunciation. Try the 'Notes in Spanish' mp3 on this page and then read the transcript beneath it to compare to a native speaker.
4. Keep it relevant - Make conversation a goal from the beginning. It's easy to get lost in grammar and textbooks.
5. Have fun! - Using your new language is a creative act!
6. Act like a child - I don't mean like the cafeteria food fights - but rather, try learning the way the kids do, without fear of making mistakes or being made fun of.
7. Leave your comfort zone - Willingness to improve means ready to make embarrassing mistakes.
8. Listen - Listening is not a passive act! You must learn to listen before you can speak. Learning a new language will help build your listening skills.
9. Watch People Talk - Pronunciation is just as much mental as physical. New sounds are produced in different ways.
10. Dive in - It's crucial to practice your new skills everyday, much like learning a musical instrument. Submerging yourself in the new language culture is critical.

Adapted from John-Eric Jordan @: