Welcome to the Intermediate School's Reading Department!

We all know that reading opens the door to all learning. A child who reads will improve as a reader.  A good reader will be able to read challenging material in a variety of genres.  A child who reads challenging material is a child who will learn. The more a child learns the more a child wants to find out. It is, therefore, important that your child finds learning to read and write a rewarding and successful experience. 

Each year our school district seeks ways of teaching the strategies and skills needed by students to improve reading abilities.  This Title I program is a federally funded program that provides academic supports and learning opportunities for targeted students.   We provide small group instruction designed to develop needed skills and strategies to help students become independent readers.
We look forward to a great year.

                                                                        Happy Reading!
                                                Miss Bonnell, Mrs. Stevens, & Mrs. Martin