Taking this course will allow you to park on school campus as per school regulations listed below - remember that parking is limited!

This driver safety course has 6 units and a test.  Once you have studied each unit you must take the test which is comprised of true/false and multiple choice questions. 

 You must pass the test with 80% or better in order to complete the course.


Once you have completed the course Mrs. Reed will automatically 

be notified.  You can see Mrs. Reed to determine whether or not you passed the course.  Your name will then be placed on a list allowing you to park on campus.


Failure to obey the rules on campus could result in forfeiting your parking privileges.



 Any student seeking a permit to park on campus must have completed the “Homer Teen Driving Safety Course”.  This course encourages good decision making and positive peer intentions for young drivers.  Students who have completed Driver Education are exempt from taking this course.

Homer High School personnel expect students to drive in a safe and cautious manner at all times. This is not only important in the school parking lots but also on all public streets adjacent to and surrounding the high school. Below are stated terms and responsibilities in connection with obtaining authorization to use the school parking facilities:

  •  Any vehicle parked in a school parking lot must be registered with the high school office and have a visible Homer High School sticker on the window. All concerns regarding a parking pass should be addressed to Mrs. Reed in Mr. VanEtten's office. Students must have a valid driver’s license!
  •  The parking lot is public property that is under the control of the Homer School District.  A parking permit will be displayed on all vehicles parked on school property. Vehicles will not be used to transport or store contraband of any kind. The lot will not be used in any way which would violate the school code of conduct or criminal law.  The Homer School District reserves the right to search any vehicle driven onto school property which they have reason to believe may contain hazardous items, such as weapons, drugs, or alcohol.
  • A student who finds another vehicle parked in his/her assigned parking space should park next to that space on the right or left (or as close to it as possible).  Take the license plate number or sticker number of the vehicle parked in the assigned space to Mrs. LaRue.
  •  The school district speed limit is 10 mph.
  • Drive up and down the lanes in the parking lot; do not cut through parking spaces.
  • Students with assigned parking spaces will park only in their assigned space at all times.
  • Please be advised the Village has posted “No Parking” signs on streets around school. Applications for parking permits are available in the principal’s office. Also, please note that for most years we will have more applications than available parking spaces. Priority will be given to seniors and a student’s “unweighted” 6 semester GPA will be the determining criteria. 90% attendance rate is required to keep your parking privilege.

  • Students who are discourteous or insubordinate or who endanger others will not be permitted on school grounds with a vehicle. Anyone parking illegally faces the possibility of being towed. Extreme violators may be towed without notice. Parking violations will be treated like other misbehavior's. Parents will be notified of parking misbehavior's and repeated offenses may lead to a loss of parking privilege and/or other disciplinary consequences.

  • Students may lose their privileges if they:

·         Are academically ineligible for given marking period

·         Park in unauthorized areas other than assigned

·         Are Truant or exceed 10 unexcused tardies

·         Transport students off school grounds during the school day

·         Leave school grounds without permission

·         Give their keys to other students.

  • School officials retain the authority to conduct routine patrols of the student parking lot and to inspect the exteriors of student automobiles. 

Such patrols may be made without notice, without student consent and without a search warrant.