This is an exciting year.  
The independence of each student begins to soar and the building blocks and foundation are built for future education!  

Communication: The best and fastest way to reach me during the school day is by e-mail.
Your child will be given a  yellow Teacher Communication Folder.  This folder is to go home EVERY night and returned the next day.  Homework, school updates, other school info, & completed work will be in this folder.  Send excuses, notes, and anything that you need me to see to school in this folder.  It is checked each morning.



LUB-DUB- Day 2,4,6
This is an optional activity organized by Mr. Bauer.  It takes place in the gym on these specific mornings 8:25-8:40.  Students practice building their endurance and get to record their LUB-DUB Laps.

All children are expected to follow the rules posted in each classroom.
1. Raise your hand before talking
2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
3. Work quietly at your desk
4. Listen and follow directions
5. Be courteous and polite
Remember to follow these rules in the classroom, cafeteria, halls, special classes and on the playground.


Please contact me with questions at:  kstossel@homercenter.org