Room 001

24- Report Cards go home

8- 1/2 Day of School
Parent Conferences
9- No School
14- Valentine's Day- Party

What we are learning in Room 001:

Letter(s)- Oo, Cc, Hh
HFW- he, has, little, play
Skills- Prepositions, End Punctuation

Letters we have learned: Mm, Aa, Ss, Tt, Nn, Ii, Ff, Pp
Words we have learned: I, like, the, we, see, go, she, can, a, is
Skills we have learned: nouns, verbs, syllables, rhyming words, plural nouns, question words (?), capitalizing first word in sentences
Writing- We are learning some types of writing by using a response journal to: Write a Key Event, Write an Opinion, Write About a Character, Write a Narrative, Write a Comparison

Topic 5 Concepts- Comparing & Ordering Numbers 11-20
Vocabulary- greater, less, fewer, more

Numbers we have learned: 0-10
Words we have learned: zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, same as, more, less, fewer 

Winter / Polar Animals 

Units we have studied: School Rules, Apples, Fall, Fire Prevention, Halloween, Fall, Christmas

Our Daily Schedule is as follows:
8:25-8:45- Breakfast
8:45- Announcements
8:50-9:55- Reading/English Language Arts
9:55-10:25- ELA Workstations/Title 1 
10:30-11:10- Specials
11:10-11:40- Lunch
11:40-12:30- ELA Workstations
12:30-1:00- Recess
1:00-1:55- Math
1:55-2:25- Snack/AR
2:25-3:05- Social Sciences
3:05-3:15- Pack Up and Prepare for Dismissal
3:15- Announcements/Dismissal
3:25- Teacher Dismissal

                                    Our School Rules

On the first day of school, the students learned about our School-Wide Positive Behavior Plan. It encompasses all areas of the school. A pamphlet was available at Back-to-School Night and is on the HCES website.  In the classroom, they are expected to R.O.A.R.:

1.  Responsibility-
        *Stay on task
        *Complete assignments
        *4 on the floor
        *Push in chair
        *Keep hands/feet to self
2. Ownership-
        *Name on your work
        *Own your actions, words, and learning 
        *Accept and know consequences
3. Attitude-
        *Use positive words
        *Help encourage others
4. Respect-
        *Be prepared
        *Listen to directions
        *Raise hand to speak
Thank you for your help and cooperation with this at home. 

Our Special Schedule Follows a 4 Day Rotation:
                             Day 1- Art                     
                      Day 2- Library             
                      Day 3- Gym                                          Day 4- Music               

We also go to the computer lab on a rotational schedule. 

Here are some links that I hope will help you and your students as you go through the year! 

Youtube- ANYTHING by Jack Hartmann. He is awesome! We use the Learning Letter Sounds Song and the Vowel Sound Samba every day to practice the sounds each letter makes. The kids love it! 

Reading Readiness Practice Links:


Math Practice Links: