Welcome to 5th Grade!

What we are doing in Math Class:
Please keep in mind that our schedule may be rearranged due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Watch Data: Collection, Organization, and Graphing Video

Being PBL- Plan a Class Trip

Continue work on
PBL- Plan a Class Trip 

Continue work on
PBL- Plan a Class

2:00 Playground Ceremony

5th Grade Field Trip to Carnegie Science Center

Make-Up Snow Day

Memorial Day

 End of Year Benchmark Pearson

1:45-Senior Walk
End of Year Benchmark Pearson

Step-Up to 6th Grade

Step-Up to 6th Grade
SWPBIS Assembly

1/2 Day

Common Abbreviations Used
HW: Homework 
DCCR: Daily Common Core Review
R: Reteaching Workbook Page
P: Practice Workbook Page
E: Enrichment Page
WS: Worksheet
CC: Common Core

Homework Info:
The homework this year will be Reteaching and Practice pages from their Workbook and/or Challenge/Intervention worksheets. Thank you for all your support at home helping your child practice their math skills. 
 Our Daily Schedule is as follows:
8:25-8:45- Breakfast
8:45- Announcements
8:50-9:20- Accelerated Reader
9:20-10:30- Block 1- RED
10:30-11:40- Block 2- BLUE
11:40-12:10- Recess
12:10-12:40- Lunch
12:40-1:50- Block 3- YELLOW
1:50-2:30- Specials
2:30-3:15- Band/Chorus/AR
3:15- Announcements/Dismissal
Band is on Days 1, 2, and 3
Chorus is on Days 4 and 6
Day 5 we work on First in Math
Our Special Schedule Follows a 6 Day Rotation and is split into 3 groups:

      A                                      C
Day 1- Art                     Music           Keyboarding
Day 2- Music             Keyboarding            Art
Day 3- Keyboarding          Art                 Music
Day 4- Library               Gym             Computers
Day 5- Gym              Computers         Library
Day 6- Computers     Library                 Gym
   I am very excited about our year together!  Check out the following links for important information from our class:
Homework Policy 
 Items needed for Math Class in 5th Grade.
  • 3-Ring Binder (the 1 inch thick size should work perfectly) Will be shared with ELA
  • pack of loose leaf paper (for in the 3-ring binder)  
  • pack of #2 pencils (will be used in all classes)
  • sturdy eraser (we will make lots of computation errors)  
  • glue stick 
  • Dry-Erase Markers
  • box of tissues (because of the errors.  LOL! Just kidding.  But tissues are always appreciated as a donation.)  
  • positive attitude!
                             Our Classroom Rules
On the first day of school, the students learned about our School-Wide Positive Behavior Plan. It encompasses all areas of the school. A pamphlet was available at Back-to-School Night and is on the HCES website.  In the classroom, they are expected to R.O.A.R.:

1.  Responsibility-
        *Stay on task
        *Complete assignments
        *4 on the floor
        *Push in chair
        *Keep hands/feet to self
2. Ownership-
        *Name on your work
        *Own your actions, words, and learning 
        *Accept and know consequences
3. Attitude-
        *Use positive words
        *Help encourage others
4. Respect-
        *Be prepared
        *Listen to directions
        *Raise hand to speak
Thank you for your help and cooperation with this at home. 
Here are some links that I hope will help you and your students as you go through the year! 

Our Math Series is enVisionMATH by Pearson Education, Inc.  It is a program that was specially developed to provide comprehensive coverage of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  They provide a very valuable resource to your child through their website.  Your child has received their username and password information in a letter to parents on 8-27-15.  They will be using the website frequently at school as it provides us with a unique opportunity to complete online assignments and diagnostic testing. Through this, we are able to provide your child with a more individualized education.  You can visit their website from home. Check out the cool videos to help your child with each lesson.  


Math Practice Links:

    *These sites will help you practice your math skills.  Happy learning!

This cool video talks about our Base ten number system and how it evolved. Check it out!

Great Math Sites: