Welcome to 4th Grade!

My name is Mrs. Lauri Shoup and this year, 2016-17, I will celebrate my 25th year of teaching!  I live in Indiana with my husband, Bob,  and have two children.  My son, Michael, lives in Arizona with his family,  and my daughter, Melissa,  lives in California with her family.  I love being a teacher and am looking forward to the many fun and exciting learning experiences that my colleagues and I have designed to strengthen and extend your child's learning!  4th grade is typically a time of maturing in every way and I look forward to getting to know your family as the year progresses!  If you have questions or concerns, you can reach me at 724-479-9077 or lshoup@homercenter.org.  I don't typically keep this webpage up-to-date, rather, I choose to post notices, test alerts, class messages, links to study guides, and other information through my Sapphire Community Portal.  Be sure to check that often!

Mrs. Lauri Shoup

Here is some information I hope you’ll find helpful!

  Our Grading Scale:









Less than 64%


q  If a child fails to complete an assignment, we generally send him/her to the work room.  The work room is simply a place where students can get one-on-one help from the teacher on duty.   

Parent Portal and Grade Sheets:  The best way to keep up to date on current topics of study is through the Parent Portal.  Here you can find predicted test dates, study guides, helpful links, extra practice resources and more.  You can also check your child’s current grades.  If you cannot access the Portal, I can easily print a grade sheet to reflect your child’s current progress at any time.

Contacting me:  I can be reached at 724-479-9077 during the school day.  My phone accepts calls into the classroom directly, but I cannot call outside the building from my desk phone while students are in the room.  The best time to call is in the AM before 8:25 or during my plan time (1:10-1:50) or after school (3:15-3:25).

Contacting you:  I will gladly drop you progress notes as needed or requested if you give me your email address. I actually like being able to drop you a note right away if a child is missing a paper or if they had a problem at school that might need additional attention. Email me at lshoup@homercenter.org.  I use this email only for professional communication and I would ask that you not send “forwards” or jokes to me at this address.  I also occasionally write messages on the Parent Portal where your child’s grades are posted for each subject. I also use REMIND.COM to send short text message alerts.  Text @a99b87b to the number 81010 to join the conversation.  

Our Schedule:



 Please use the daily schedule as a guide when making doctor and dentist appointments. According to this schedule, late afternoon appointments would be preferred. 

Reading and Language:  Mr. Kotelnicki is your child’s reading teacher.  Feel free to contact himvia the school office if you have questions or concerns. jkotelnicki@homercenter.org

Science and Social Studies:  Mrs. Hays is your child’s science teacher.  Feel free to contact her via the school office if you have questions or concerns. chays@homercenter.org

Spelling:  I give the word list for the next week in the Friday Folder for those families who appreciate the extra two days of practice.  I ask the students to write the words three times each in cursive for handwriting practice.  This homework is due the first day of the week which is typically a Monday.  We pre test on the first day of the week and I send home those results the same day so you will know which words are more challenging for your child.  We do workbook pages in school and send home sentence practice worksheets as well.  We might play a game for practice on Thursdays and I give the final test on Friday or last day of the school week.   There is a more detailed explanation on the Parent Portal with word lists (at Spelling City) and projected testing dates too.

q  If there is a family emergency, difficulty, or special circumstance that interferes with homework, please send in a note.

q  If your child is absent and he needs to make up work with the assistance of a teacher, we will send him/her to the work room for help.  

q  Three or more teachers are now assigning homework for your child.  We are working together to make sure we don’t send too much at a time but there is that possibility that we could all give homework the same nights.  

Book Clubs:  I send in the book order on or around the 15th of each month.  I prefer checks but you can send cash.  Make your check out to Scholastic Books or if you prefer, you can order books on line and pay for them directly.  There is a label in your child’s Assignment Book with our class code.  I am happy to order books for birthday or holiday surprises.  I am constantly telling kids the number one way to become a better reader is to read:  I encourage you to consider building your child’s home library with these inexpensive books.

Important Ways to Stay Connected through Technology: All of these websites are a click away via the Homer-Center Webpage under “Student Resources”.

        • Pearson Success Net:  Your child’s math text book (for every grade level) is available on-line along with tutorials and activities.  normal log in name ; password= HC lunch number
        • Accelerated Reader:  You should be able to view your child’s progress although this program does not allow reading tests to be taken outside of school.
        • Accelerated Book Finder:  You can find out if your child’s current book has an Accelerated Reader book test and you can also find the reading level of your child’s book.
        • Remind.com:  I'll drop you notes (as needed only) to alert you to tests and special school events. Text @a99b87b to the number 81010
        • Spelling City:  You can find your child’s 4th grade spelling words (for the whole school year) with games and activities for home practice.
        • Sapphire Community Portal  You can see your child’s current grades for every subject together with announcements for upcoming units of study and resources for success. Normal Log in; Password 12345; pin number = lunch number
        • First in Math: This is an exciting and motivating website which offers practice in every imaginable math topic!  Your child's special name and password is on a label in the cover of their assignment book.