Technology is everywhere at Homer-Center.  In this picture Mrs. Shoup's class is using laptops to type their 4Square Writing essays.  

In addition to direct instruction, part of the computer lab time is spent on  integration of technology and the classroom curriculum.  Students work on projects that relate to many curriculum areas, especially science and social studies.  

Our students use a variety of commercial software packages that are coordinated with the curriculum.  Reader Rabbit, Carnival Countdown Math,  and Ice Cream Truck are just a few of their favorites. 


Type to Learn Jr. is used to introduce keyboarding to the primary students. In kindergarten and first grade the concentration is on locating the keys on the keyboard and using special keys such as Enter, Shift and Backspace.  At the beginning of third grade the students are introduced to the home keys and the use of correct fingering is encouraged.  Formal keyboarding practice is included in the curriculum for grades 3 - 6.  Sunburst's Type to Learn 4 will be used in these grades.  This  networked software will track the student's progress throughout the year. Students are encouraged to use the keyboarding skills learned in class at all times. Parents should encourage student to practice these skills at home.

Google Accounts:

Students in grades 3 - 6 have a Google Account that allows them access to Educational applications including Google Docs and Google Classrooms that they can use to create a document or projects here at school and access it from home.  Each students has a username and password for this Google Account.  Their username is in the form of an email address but does not allow email functionality.  If your child does not remember the usename and password, please email me and I will send you that information, 

The computer lab is open to students for independent work in the mornings before class and during recess times.  There are some open time slots that teachers may schedule for special 


Students learn to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets using both the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Powerpoint and Excel) and Google Applications (Docs, Sheets and Slides)

Simple programming skills and animation concepts are fun to learn using Scratch. Scratch is a free program developed by MIT to help young people create interactive projects using a simple programming language.

The lab is also used for classroom word processing and desktop publishing. Students in all grades use  in grades Microsoft Word 2010. All students use Corefx or Tux Paint, along with the drawing packages included with the above software. Students in grades 3-6 use The Print Shop to create greeting cards, signs and brochures.