Why Choose Us?

We’re focused.  Property and personal business management services are HomeNet’s sole focus. We devote one hundred percent of our energy to keeping our clients satisfied and pride ourselves on the personal, reliable, and conscientious service we provide.

We’re organized and accountable. We keep extensive records of work done and bills paid, track lease start and expiration dates, and note phone calls and special directions, so you never have to guess the status of your home or accounts. Our monthly financial statements and regular property inspection reports provide a permanent record of all activities.

We’re well connected. We utilize the service providers of your choice, but if the situation requires it we can delve into our extensive network. From plumbers, painters, and electricians to real estate, insurance, legal, and financial advisors, we can recommend a range of well-respected professionals.

We’ve been around the block (many blocks, in fact). HomeNet has been in business for years. So no matter what situation arises, there’s a very good chance we’ve dealt with it before and can apply our experience, expertise, and know-how to resolve it.

You deserve a good night’s sleep. We understand that your home or investment property is one of your most valuable possessions; you shouldn’t lie awake nights wondering if it’s okay. Whether inspecting your property, overseeing a repair, or paying your bills on time, we’re very particular about getting things right. And of course we’re properly bonded and insured.