FAQs & Area We Serve

What area do you cover? In order to maintain the highest quality service, we focus our business within about a 75-mile radius of the greater Boston area.

I want to use HomeNet’s services for some peace of mind - how do we get started? Please let us know of your interest by phone or email. We will discuss your needs and requirements over the phone and in person so that we can become acquainted with you and your property. We have some helpful checklists and reference materials for you to read in advance of our meeting. There will be some paperwork to fill out and we will sign a contract with you prior to the start of our services.

How often will you check my property? When a home or property is tenant-occupied we will complete an exterior inspection of the property each month or on an as-needed basis if there is a problem, emergency, or service that requires a visit. If the property is vacant (not occupied by a tenant) we will complete an interior and exterior inspection each week (or as agreed upon).

I own more than one property. Can you look after them? Yes. We will be happy to assist you with property management and bill payment for your investment property or vacation home.

I don’t own a single family home or condo, but do own a multiple unit building, can you help? Yes. You can rely on us to assist you with the day-to-day management of your property and to represent you in a positive and professional manner.

What happens if something breaks or stops working at my property? HomeNet will consult with your tenants and may visit the property to determine the extent of the problem. If necessary, the service provider of your choice will be contacted to complete the necessary repairs. If complex decisions are required, or information is needed from you, we will contact you by phone or email. We will manage the process from start to finish to ensure that repairs or replacement are done to complete satisfaction.

What happens if my tenants stop making rent payments? HomeNet monitors the arrival of rent payments each month. If a tenant is late making their payment, we will make a friendly reminder phone call after a 3-5 day grace period. If the late payment(s) persist, we will consult with you to determine the preferred course of action. HomeNet will work with you and your tenants to resolve this as quickly as possible.

How do I provide funds for my HomeNet escrow account? Funds can be deposited into your account via rent payments, check, payroll direct deposit, wire transfer, or automatic transfers from your personal bank account. We can also deposit personal checks from other sources as directed by you.