What is our most popular product?
Peace of Mind.

Relocated? Own rental property? HomeNet International provides reliable and convenient property management services throughout the greater Boston area.  

When you’re relocated, or a busy landlord, you have enough to worry about. You can depend on HomeNet to represent your interests and take care of your property. We’ve been told that “HomeNet is like a safety net”. Whether it’s handling an unanticipated problem or everyday business, we’re committed to providing dependable, personalized service that you can count on.

For over twenty years HomeNet has been helping employees who are relocated long distances bridge the gap between life here and away from home, and we’ve partnered with property owners to save them time and worry. Whether you’re moving across the country or across the ocean, or doing business as a landlord, our range of property and business management services can make your life easier.

HomeNet tailors its services to fit your needs. Create your own custom package from our flexible menu of offerings in: