Do I need to be home when a cleaner services my home?
Not at all. Our cleaners are all police cleared and serving lots of homes during owners are out in their offices. But it is important you give an introduction for detail requirements prior to the service beginning. You also need to arrange access to your home.

How do I pay for the Service?
By cash or cheque or direct debit at the end of each service.

What if I am unhappy with service provided?
Just one call to our coordinator. A replacement will be arranged courteously.

Do you guarantee a quality service?
Absolutely! We only ask that, in all fairness, there is enough time allocated for the cleaner to get the job done properly. If your home has not been cleaned for a while, the 1st time service always goes longer than regular serviced ones.

Who will provide cleaning equipment and products?
If it is a fixed price service, cleaners will bring equipment and products. If it is an hourly charged service, we prefer to use your own to fit your customized requirements.

What if something is damaged while cleaning my home?
No worries. Our cleaners are fully insured. This means you are protected while the cleaner is in your home.