Welcome To Pre-K

The Pre-K program at Holy Redeemer encourages children to create their own learning environment in which they learn to make new friends, experiment, be independent, problem solve, be creative, use their imagination, act Christ like and most importantly to be safe and have fun. 

We offer both teacher-directed and child-directed activities with a balance of inside and outside play, active and quiet times, and hands-on learning. The program includes art, music and movement, science, nutrition, dramatic play, cultural awareness, pre-math, pre-reading, pre-language skills, physical development, social interaction and spiritual growth.

Our goal is to provide a welcoming and loving environment in which young children will thrive and grow.  This is a time where your child will begin new relationships and continue to build on them throughout their Holy Redeemer school career. 

Snack and Lunch
Due to student's allergies, this year we are asking parents help to make our classrooms NUT-FREE.  Please send snacks that are nut-free.  Lunches that contain any nut related products are okay.  We have made accommodations for our students in the cafeteria.   Thank You

Please refer to our weekly newsletters for important dates and what Pre-K is doing in the classroom.




Pre-K News

          April 11, 2014


In the Classroom:  This week Pre-K began a new unit on shadows and reflections.  The kids have also enjoyed discussing the life of a caterpillar and butterfly.  We have connected the life cycle of a butterfly to Jesus, his death and resurrection.  Look for all the fun crafts we have made in our room.  In literacy, the kids are blending phonemes, learning about long Aa sound, and learning new vocabulary.  In math, the kids were introduced to the shape rhombus, and talking about the attributes of different shapes.

Next week we will continue to discuss shadows and reflections, long vowels and shapes.  Next week, we will also discuss more about Easter and go to Mass on Wednesday.


5th Grade Buddies:  Today we went on an Easter egg hunt with our 5th grade buddies!


Jog-a-thon:  May 9th is the jog-a-thon.  Please work on getting pledges for your kids. 



April 17th – Noon Dismissal (full day kids)

April 18th and 21st – No school


Peninsula Park:  Thank you to all the parents and helpers that went on our walk on Wednesday.  We had a great time!  YAY for SUN!


Thanks so much- Have a Great Weekend!

Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. Lee