Be aware that any HR books returned accidentally
to Multnomah County Libraries, will be sent to the
Archdiocesen office. Those books are picked up when someone has business there. 
These books will be marked overdue/lost until
they are returned to the Library.



The Holy Redeemer Catholic School Library is located in the Pope John Paul II Hall, which also houses a technology lab, a science lab, and two classrooms.

Each class has an assigned day and time for exclusive library access. With teacher permission, students may use the room for further study at recess and lunchtime. 

During weekly class times, Library Skills are taught, ranging from how to hold a book for Kindergartners, to research skills and resources in Middle School. Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students have story time.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade may checkout one book at a time, providing the previous book has been checked in.

2nd Grade may checkout two books if previous books have been returned. (If one book has been returned and the other book is not overdue, the child may check out one book)

3rd through 8th Grades may checkout three books at a time. These students, providing they have returned one or more books, may checkout a corresponding number for their use.

Books can be checked out for two weeks.

Once a week pink overdue notices are sent to students. These serve as a reminder that books are overdue. If a book is lost, the student must pay for it. He/she should notify a librarian of the situation as soon as possible. If a lost book is found and is in good condition, money paid earlier will be refunded.

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