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“This Side of Heaven” Reveals God’s Desire for Love and Spiritual Knowledge for His Children.


James A. Mullier’s “This Side of Heaven” is about living on earth both with and without the reality of Jesus Christ, seen through Mullier’s understanding and testimony, provoking readers to make bold petitions of Christ, confidently expecting His answers.


Sydney, Australia. (PRWEB) March 22, 2017, Holy Fire Publishing (www.holyfirepublishing.com) releases “This Side of Heaven” (Paperback, U.S. $15.99, ISBN: 978-1-60383-534-3). James A. Mullier’s book will encourage those desiring to know the Living God and Creator in personal relationship, confirming scriptural truth by the Holy Spirit and offering hope to build courage to continue in God’s ways of love, faith and grace.


“This Side of Heaven” follows Mullier’s life experiences and God’s grace toward him. Encouragement is a key element of the book, not only to those born of the Spirit in Christ Jesus but also to the world without Jesus. Many people who are so certain, or uncertain, of their eternal salvation wander aimlessly around in the wilderness till they die. However, the Lord God is not willing any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.


“Maturing in the Holy Spirit releases truth contained in scripture, empowering a Christian’s life. Yet personal performance, the excessive effort on a human level to produce something pleasing to God outside the truth of His Word, is common in local churches today. The Church needs the Holy Spirit’s presence to assert the authority of Jesus Christ and to admonish those who display their own power through entertainment and social messages. Is the Holy Spirit being made redundant in modern churches?”


“Christians and people in the unsaved world are presented with truth from scripture concerning God’s love for every person. The heart of God the Father is to save every soul from the slavery of sin and eternal death. This book is written as an encouragement for those who are desiring to know the Living God and Creator in personal relationship. Many are hovering on the brink of defeat as they become uncertain of God’s love for them. Through increased knowledge, wisdom and understanding of scripture, together with practical application of those things learned, God’s unending love is revealed. Those who already know the Lord Jesus will be stirred to have hope and courage for the future. They will trust Jesus more, approach the Father confidently, knowing they are loved.” – James A. Mullier.


“This Side of Heaven” is a book of instruction that will promote confident expectation of good things happening now, here on earth, as well as in heaven. Readers will be encouraged to press on and continue to run the race of life. Those Christians who know in their heart they have fallen back into the greed and corruption of the world, or those who do not know Jesus as Savior and Lord, will gain opportunity to turn from sin.


Readers develop a deeper understanding of the Creator of the universe…the Living God is available for all those who read “This Side of Heaven.” Christians will be challenged by the Holy Spirit to examine the condition of their own existing relationship with God the Father. Those who are unsaved will be drawn by hope…the Gospel of Jesus. Then by God’s grace, through His gift of faith, they will be spiritually baptized into Jesus Christ to receive everlasting pure life.


James A. Mullier lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia with his wife, Kerrie.  He has three daughters and four grandchildren. Recently retired from full-time employment as a Senior Civil Engineering Designer, he now focuses on his role as a Christian author. His other book titles are “The God I Know,” 2013; “God in Love:  Mercy, Sacrifice, Grace,” 2014; “Light…Be!” 2016. Web site: www.jamullier.com


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