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A Layman’s Study of God’s Mercy, Grace and Sacrifice

James A. Mullier’s book “God in Love” clarifies the biblical themes of mercy, grace and sacrifice so Christians can understand and apply these truths in their everyday lives.

SYDNEY. (PRWEB) Dec. 2014. Holy Fire Publishing (www.holyfirepublishing.com) releases “God in Love” (Paperback, U.S. $15.99, ISBN: 978-1-60383-500-8), James A. Mullier’s in-depth account of God’s goodness and love for His people.

James A. Mullier’s book “God in Love” systematically studies the biblical themes of mercy, sacrifice and grace, which he declares have remained as “truthful witnesses for God’s heart of love and compassion toward all people. The sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross has given mankind their only way of escape from the slavery of sin and death but they must respond to God’s call for repentance. For those who believe on Jesus Christ, an eternal relationship with God in peace is assured. So whether you already know God personally in your life or you need to, just dare to hope, dare to believe and make way for . . . God in love.”

God in Love” is Mullier’s personal testimony of God’s goodness and love. He writes: “‘God is good’ and ‘God is love’ are true statements of God’s character, but they’re not always heard clearly in Christianity or by the world as a whole.” As with his first book “The God I Know,” Mullier writes about God as he has experienced Him through studying the Bible, and through prayer and relationship. Mullier details the truthful account of the goodness and love of God toward himself and, as he perceives, toward the world. He desires for the book to reveal God’s great love “for His own reconciled children and also for those who are still struggling with the choice between life and death.”

Mullier writes that while sin continually “gnawed away at the foundations of mankind’s heart, causing ever widening rifts between them and God,” Jesus Christ has always been the way of escape. “God in Love” is written primarily about the love God has for His children, rather than the love they have for God. He says, “The purpose of salvation by grace through faith was to reconcile mankind to God the Father in love. Jesus made redemption and reconciliation possible by dying on the Cross. His sacrifice became our life eternal.”

God does not personally lay the consequences of sin on you, nor does He even allow it to be that way. What kind of love would that be if God crushed your soul with guilt, condemnation and the threat of eternal death, to force a desired response, that is, to love Him? That would never be love, but indeed, cruel manipulation. That is not the character of the Living God.”—James A. Mullier

James A. Mullier, 62, lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, with his wife, Kerrie, and a cat, Jeremiah. James has 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren. He has encouraged many people in all walks of life through his 26-year letter-writing ministry, as well as an 8 year sponsorship of a Philippine child and her family through Compassion Australia. He has worked for over 40 years in New South Wales building industry in survey and civil engineering design. His first book is titled “The God I Know.” Website: www.jamullier.com

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