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The God I Know” Presents Faith in God in Layman’s Terms for Laymen

James A. Mullier’s book “The God I Know” Reveals the Importance of Approaching God with Child-Like Faith.

SYDNEY, New South Wales, Australia October, 2013, Holy Fire Publishing (www.holyfirepublishing.com) releases “The God I Know” (Paperback, U.S. $15.00, ISBN # 978-1-60383-474-2). James A. Mullier reveals faith in God in everyday terms for the everyday reader.

James A. Mullier believes many books written by theologians are so laborious and complicated that they are impractical and unrelated to the everyday lives of ordinary people seeking hope. “Much like a scientist trying to explain atomic equations to a young child, what is written by theologians is understood by theologians but never reaches the hearts of those who most need help,” Mullier says. His dismay at the continual contentious words spoken about the Living God, when His character and purposes could so easily be known, prompted him to write “The God I Know” in layman’s terms for the layman reader.

Mullier writes about God as he personally knows Him, through the Holy Bible, prayer and relationship. “God is good” and “God is love” are statements not always heard clearly in Christianity or by the world as a whole, but according to Mullier, this is precisely how God is. His personal testimony, dispersed throughout the book, is a truthful account of the goodness and love of God toward him and his family.

According to Mullier, “We need theology, of course we do, but theology that is well defined and rightly understood. Theology, as the understanding of God and His Holy Bible, should be presented with absolute clarity. There should never be a need to sift through grey areas of uncertainty and confusion with grandiose words that only a few learned scholars can indulge in. In these last days, we do not have time to argue the point or debate for years over the goodness of God.”

I have only ever known God to be good, loving, kind and compassionate but this is not so for many others. The truth is easily accessible to most people, so why is there a mountain of debate and contention regarding the character and works of God? Answering this question was the beginnings of “The God I Know”. Add the needs of those who are searching for foundational truth and the book was well on its way. We must come to Him as little children,” Mullier said.

Mullier writes to clear misconceptions about the Living God, based on his own testimony and personal relationship. He writes of the “God I know and trust, and in this book are the things He has revealed to me as truth. My goal is to pass this truth onto anyone who is looking for reality of the Living God and an assurance of eternal life: to break down doctrinal barriers that have long stood tall as a divisive mechanism within God’s church.”

God does not go by the outward physical appearance and the showy, smooth flowing mouth but His focus is on the heart of a person. God knows my heart and I cannot ever hide from Him. David was a shepherd boy and God anointed him as King over the mighty nation of Israel. David had a sincere heart after God and was chosen in preference to his showy brothers. I believe God will promote our work in due time as we too remain focussed and sincere in our hearts toward the Living God. God spoke to me and said, ‘I honour you as you honour My Word.’”

James A. Mullier, 62, a civil engineering designer, avid encourager and missions supporter, has three daughters, four grandchildren and lives in New South Wales, Australia, with his wife, Kerrie, and a cat named Jeremiah.

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