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Mission Statement


Since 1910, Holy Family School has been an anchor in our community, with a devoted staff that sees Christ in every child. Dedicated to empowering students with intellectual growth and faith-filled lives, Holy Family provides a nurturing, disciplined environment and culture of service. In teaching lasting values that involve the whole family, Holy Family instills ideals that embrace academic strength, a deeper relationship with God, and a desire to lead responsible Christian lives.


Holy Family School provides a Catholic centered education based on the love and concern for the child as a total person created by God. The religious and academic natures of our school are irrevocably entwined. In order to foster the spirit of Christ’s love, we recognize each child as an individual and work to meet his or her needs. Holy Family School accepts as our responsibility the goal of academic excellence that is achieved by appropriately challenging each child in the learning process. Although strong academic content is integral to our curriculum, we stress the process of learning in order to prepare our students to be viable members within their church, chosen profession and their community.

• We believe each child is special in the eyes of God and we strive to develop his or her individual gifts while centering the student in a faith community.

• We believe the development of basic skills, critical thinking, decision-making abilities, and creative talents are all components of the educational process.

• We believe individual needs are met through the recognition of differences in developmental rates and learning modalities and adapting curriculum using a variety of techniques and teaching styles to meet those needs.

• We believe students develop best in a safe, comfortable learning environment that provides opportunities to grow in confidence.

• We believe involvement in religious activities, academic achievements, extracurricular and school sponsored social events, and health and physical education activities help students develop a positive self-image.

• We believe that fostering the values of faith, hope, and love, through religion classes, bi-monthly school masses, daily prayer, Para-liturgical services, mission activities, and  Catholic Schools Week festivities helps to give our students a solid foundation to meet the world’s challenges and participate in celebrating our love for God and others.

Faith, Discipline, and Responsibility
Holy Family School
17 N. Convent Avenue
Nazareth, PA 18064-1300

Phone: 610-759-5642
FAX: 610-759-0386

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