Welcome to the 2B Classroom website. You are invited to stop here anytime. I thought it would be nice to let you know about the new layout of the site, as things have changes a bit.
"About Mrs. Wilkinson" is well, about me. It's a little more than the standard bio, just so we can get to know each other.

"Latest News in 2B" will tell you all about what we are doing lately. It's a blog, so the more recent posts by me will show up on top. Even though you might only visit every so often, I encourage you to scroll through the posts, so you are most up to date with your student's classroom.
"Homework" will give you a link to JupiterGrades.com. This is where I will be placing homework assignments. Explanations of homework, grading, and curriculum, however, will appear right here on the "Homework" page.

"Contact" me by clicking on this page. It will give you the methods by which we need to communicate.

"Holy Family's Website" will take you back the Current Families section of the school's website.