Important Dates:

Monday, Aug. 26th - Monday,  Sept. 2nd.
Order Lunch, Milk, Pretzels Via school web page

Wednesday, Sept. 4th
Grs. 1-8 Return
11:30 Dismissal

Pre-K & Kind. Orientation
9:00 - 10:00

Thursday, Sept. 5th
Pre-K - 8
11:15 Dismissal (Pre-K)
11:30 Dismissal

Back to School Night
6pm Degnan Hall

Friday, Sept. 6th
Pre-K - 8
11:15 Dismissal (Pre-K)
11:30 Dismissal

Monday, Sept. 9th
Lunch/Milk Program Begins
Pretzel Program Begins

HSA Notes:

August 22, 2019 

“You are the Light of the World” Matthew 5:14 

Dear Students and Families, 

As we all prepare to begin the 2019-20 school year I encourage everyone to join me in embracing Jesus’ Gospel message which reminds us that we are all called to be Lights for Our World! 

As we begin the new school year, my challenge to staff and students will be to bring forward their God given gifts and be a positive and holy light for those around them. I am confident that as the 2019-20 school year unfolds, God’s grace will allow us all to shine brightly as we strive to fulfill our mission of “Academic Excellence Rooted in Faith”! 

Getting Ready! 

Our teachers and staff are busy getting ready to “shine their lights” and putting “all things” in place. 

Importantly, the 2019-20 staff list has changed and been updated to help us best meet our school’s needs. Please review the staffing list below, families with Kindergarten and Grade 1 students please note some teacher changes from our last up date in June. 

2019-20 Staff Overview 

Staff Name                         Role Staff 
Ms. Arena                             Prek-3 Teacher 
Ms. Kolody                           Prek-3 Aide 
Ms. Silvi                                 Prek-4 Teacher 
Ms. Regotti                         Prek-4 Aide 
Ms. Farley                             Kindergarten Teacher 
Ms. Weidle                          Kindergarten Aide 
Ms. Dittbrenner              1st Grade Teacher (1A)
Ms. Morgan                         1st Grade Teacher  (1B)
Ms. Kelleher                        2nd Grade Teacher 
Ms. Henry                              3rd Grade Teacher 
Ms. Foy                                     4th Grade Teacher 
Mr. Northrop                      5th Grade Teacher 
Ms. Marcoccia                     6th Grade Teacher 
Mr. Heinemann                 7th Grade Teacher 
Ms. Magann                          8th Grade Teacher 
Ms. Troxel                               Art 
Ms. Levi                                     Performance Arts 
Mr. Kushner                          Technology 
Ms. Conner                             Library 
Ms. Armstrong                   Spanish 
Mr. Herlihy                             Physical Education 
Ms. Patrizio                            Advanced Math 
Ms. Hartman                         School Nurse 
Mr. Culloty                              CARES 
Ms. Cobb                                    Business Manger 
Ms. Liciardello                       Office Manager 
Mr. Hughes                              Principal 

**We hope our students have completed all summer work assignments and the required school materials are lined up. If you need information on summer assignments and/or school supplies simply check our website. 

Important Information:

**Please note that uniforms (regular or summer options) for grades 1-8 begin on September 4. 

**Our pre-order lunch service program will not begin operating until September 9. Make sure to visit the lunch site to place your orders. New families will need to set up an account. Orders open Monday, Aug. 26th and close Monday, Sept. 2nd. 

**Please insure all student bring snack for these early days. Our pretzel snack program will begin on Monday, Sept. 9th. Pretzel orders can be place by Sept. 2nd. on the school site.

**If you are utilizing local public school transportation options, those districts will either contact each family directly or have the lists on their websites. Please contact those transportation offices with your questions or concerns. 

**If using the CARES program remember to register.  The program begins on Monday, Sept. 9th.

Back to School Night on September 5 

To help jump start the school year we will hold a Back to School Night on September 5 starting at 6 PM in Degnan Hall. This is the perfect time to learn more about your child’s teacher and their individual classroom expectations. We believe great two way communication, home and school, is a key pillar to a student’s school success. Our back to school night is designed as a parent/guardian only event. 

From Our Performance Arts Teacher!! 

I hope you've all been enjoying your summer. I've been working hard over these months putting my ideas and energy toward “growing” an outstanding Performing Arts Program for our students. I'm really looking forward to the 2019-20 school year and believe our program will soon be “center stage” for many students! 

To enhance our program, I'm really excited to announce that Holy Family will be putting on their very first musical production! At the end of September, we will be holding auditions for our spring musical Peter Pan. Auditions for leads will be open to all 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, and 4th graders are invited to audition for the ensemble where they will be able to learn the ropes from their older peers in preparation for next year. All who audition will be cast in the show and will get the chance to continue their performing arts education outside of the classroom. 

This is an amazing opportunity for our school and our students to grow! 

Please talk to your child(ren) and fill out the Peter Pan sign-up sheet. Since this is a “new endeavor” this sheet will help us judge interest level, so we can allocate our resources and begin to plan effectively. After you sign up, more information will be provided about auditions at Back to School Night. 

Important to “starting right” 

Familiarize yourself with our website  https://holyfamilyaston.org/

Please review the Parent Tab carefully noting these items: 

*Arrival and Dismissal Procedures **this is very important! 

Check OptionC.com often.  Update your family info in OptionC by Sept. 12th.

*Payments & Ordering - please utilize this to pay for lunch, pretzels and CARES program 

*HFRCS Handbook’s conduct and uniform policy etc. (Return signed form to school)

May God bless us all with grace, and help us each to be a “Bright Light” shining for all to see! 

We are looking forward to meeting each of you and doing our best to make this an outstanding school year!

CYO and YOU! 

To learn more, please contact Mike Flaherty at:  mflaherty20@verizon.net

Did you know that Holy Family participates in the box tops program?  We are always looking to collect box tops to help our school! 
The program has changed this year.  If you have paper ones that have not expired please send them in ASAP. 
Information for the new program can be found by using the two links:

 Click here for the HSA Google Doc.


Important Links

Health Immunization Requirements 

Dental Exam

Physical Exam Form