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Mrs. Silvi and Mrs. Regotti!

Class Calendar

~March/April ~

March 31 ~ No School

April 6 ~ School Resumes

April 22 ~ Picture Day

~ PreK Happenings ~

Week of April 5 ~ Letter Vv, #25, Sight word review, Spring, God's Creation

Week of April 12 ~ Letter Ww, #26, "like" Spring, God's Creation

Our Sight Words are: the, and, in, big, you, can, is, see, like

Please practice Sight Words at home!

Look for them in books, write them, spell them, use them in a sentence, etc.

Additional resources and Websites for online and at home learning and practice:

Some of our Specials Teachers have added some great resources to their websites!

Pre-Writing Activities for Preschoolers

Math Activities at home for Preschoolers

10 Math Activities for Kindergarten

Letter Identification Activities

Using the Virtual Packet I sent home in December.....

That packet included Letter and Number cards as well as a 100's chart and ten frames. Some activities you can do with those are:

Letter Cards:

Cut and match upper and lowercase letters, then put them in order. Identify the letter sounds too. (Keep these in a bag for future use)

Letter sound search: pick a letter and walk around the house to find something that begins with that letter

Pick a letter and use playdough to form the letter

Practice writing each letter

Number Cards:

Cut out the number cards and put them in order. (Keep these in a bag for future use)

MIx up the numbers and put them upside down in a pile. Pick a number, identify it and line up that amount of items under it. (Ex. 8- line up 8 Cheerios under the number card.)

Practice writing the numbers

Form the numbers with Playdough

Use the ten frames and number cards...pick a number then show that amount in the ten frame. Use Cheerios (or other small object) to fill in the ten frames sections.


Practice writing anything and everything! Use a pencil and paper or dry erase board.

-letters, numbers, number words, color words, sight words, words on food boxes, etc.

Mr. Herlihy's Physical Education Page

Kahn Academy Resources for PreK/K :