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April 28, 2017
Good Morning!
   6th grade is all geared up for our Spirit Stroll this afternoon! Below this update you will find the directions for our current Religion project. The children are learning about the different titles of Mary and how they came about in the church.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Hood
Titles of Mary Project
   Thoroughly research one of the titles given to Mary that we discussed in class. With this information, you are to write a report . Your report needs to include how and why this title was given to Mary. Be sure to include important information such as shrines, apparitions, and pilgrimages dedicated to Mary. Your report should be a minimum of one typed page, single spaced and no larger than a 12 font. Your cover page must include a picture of Mary that corresponds with your title.
The title should be above the picture. Your name goes in the bottom right hand corner of the cover page.
This is due on Thursday, May 4th.
Mrs. Hood