Hello to my new Kindergarten friends. I hope that you are enjoying your summer. I look forward to being your teacher in September.
Remember to read "Froggy goes to School" by Jonathan London and then write your name on the front of the frog and decorate it. We will be using the frog in our classroom.
Boredom Busters
The website Epic is offering 3 months for $1. Epic is a website for reading that 25,000 books and videos. They love to play it in the classroom. Download it on your ipad (Epic app) or computer(www.getepic.com) and enter the code SUMMER17

Barnes and Noble's Summer Reading Program. If you child reads 8 books you can download the reading journal at Barnes and Noble's website, take it into the store and they will let you choose a book from the free book list.

Michael's Camp Creativity
7 weeks of making things for ages 3 and up- $5 per session
visit Micheals.com for more info