Welcome to the Library!

Welcome to the library! My goal is to foster a love of reading in all children by introducing them to a wide variety of authors and genres. I want every child to be excited to choose a new book for their "weekly adventure" in reading and to find that book that makes them want to keep reading until the very last page!

In the preschool classes, we read a book each week that complements the students' studies of the letter of the week. In the kindergarten, first, and second grade classes, we complete author studies of both classic and current children's authors. In third and fourth grade classes, we dive into reading and library skills, including but not limited to the parts of a book, genres of fiction and nonfiction, searching and utilizing our library's database, shelving books according to their call numbers, and the Dewey Decimal system classifications. The upper grades of fifth through eighth grade will have scheduled time to come into the library and check out books weekly if they choose to do so.

Be kind to each other and get lost in a good book! Please email me with questions at any time at sconnor@holyfamilyaston.org.