Welcome to Art Class
Where Creativity Counts because Creativity Connects the World!

At the Elementary level, there is a strong focus on the 7 elements -
 Form, Value, Texture, Color, Line, Shape and Space or
FVT  CLSS - Art is everyone's FaVoriTe  CLaSS!!

The Art Room is a place where students can be creative, get inspired, and learn new skills.
A project based curriculum means everyone can succeed in Art!

We like to make accidents opportunities for creative correction.

Individual success will come in accordance with the
 personal stage of growth and development of each student.

The curriculum is designed to build basic skills, introduce art vocabulary and introduce/incorporate
the elements and principles of art.

We learn about Art Masters and often use them as our inspiration.

We begin class with the Art Room prayer, reminding us from the start - who's the true Master Artist:
O Lord of Beauty, Lord of Art
Who sends His spirit for every heart.
Carve out my life; reshape and mold,
and be the Artist of My Soul.


When you follow your heART - you can't go wrong!