2016 -- 2017 School Year

Hover your cursor over and click on the links below to download and print all forms to register and pre-schedule students for both CARES programs. Note that the CARES Pre-Enrollment Form is one (2-page) form used for both Before and AfterCare. This important form must be updated by parents or guardians whenever any information changes!

AfterCare Forms

[Use this form to regularly preschedule students to attend AfterCare and/or to calculate and submit scheduled payments. In order to qualify for prescheduled rates, this form must be submitted to CARES by Friday mornings or the last scheduled school day of the week prior to your child's attendance on any day of the following week.]

[This form is not for weekly use! This form is for families with students that follow a reliable, routine daily schedule for dismissal throughout the year. Only complete this 1-time use form if you satisfy that requirement. By pre-authorizing routine dismissal to AfterCare, your child is pre-scheduled for the year and you qualify for the pre-scheduled rates. Stipulations apply and are noted on this form. Please carefully review this form.

CARES Pre-Enrollment

This form must be on file with CARES prior to the first use of any CARES services.

This is a 2-page form. It allows the use of both CARES programs -- BeforeCare & AfterCare. It must be filled out completely, signed and returned with the annual CARES registration fee of $15.00 per family payable to: Holy Family RCS. In addition to providing emergency contact and other important information, this form is also your contract to all terms & conditions of the use of CARES services outlined on all CARES web pages.

Important: Incomplete forms will be returned to families for prompt completion. For your child's safety and security, student(s) will not be permitted to attend CARES programs unless complete information is provided.