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Landings is a Ministry of Reconciliation welcoming returning Catholics back to the Church. LANDINGS was developed by Fr. Jac Campbell, a Paulist Father, more than 15 years ago, and has proven to be successful in many dioceses in the US,Canada, and the UK. LANDINGS empowers laity to reach out to returning Catholics in a special way. Holy Cross Church has made a commitment to welcome back returning Catholics in a personal way and has been a LANDINGS parish since 2003.
LANDINGS is a safe harbor or landing place for returning Catholics to share and explore their faith and future with the Church.
A group of six to eight active Catholics joined together to welcome two or three returning Catholics to share and explore their faith together.
The Process:
After an initial interview with a priest, the returning Catholic is directed to a LANDINGS group.The group will meet for approximately eight weeks in one  two hour sessions.  The conclusion of the program will be a weekend retreat.
LANDINGS is people in solidarity with the returning; who in their own lives have "returned", and continue to "return". Founded on the belief that we do not have to be trained theologians to share what we believe, and to speak honestly about our faith, trusting in the Holy Spirit.
For further information contact: Elizabeth Parker, Coordinator at (919) 544-1917 or Deborah Hilliard at (919) 688-2713