Dr. K.N. Prestwich

Professor Emeritus -- Biology Department

Comparative and Ecological Physiology, Animal Behavior, Arachnology/Entomology

Ph.D., Zoology, University of Florida
(last updated 2/22/22)

Welcome! On this site you will find materials related to my active research interests, publications and some materials related to courses I used to teach. The latter are presently being revised and will be available soon; they include a website dedicated to the teaching of the use of game theory in evolutionary studies (complete with simulations) and extensive resources for an advanced undergraduate course in physiology.

Recent CV (9/20/21)

Contact Information: Please use e-mail: kprestwi@holycross.edu
(I am not maintaining an office/lab at the College but instead am working remotely.)

Photo: Kenny Prestwich with a now former study subject, a female northern stick insect, Diapheromera femorata, which was released shortly after this photo was taken. Photo by J McAlister, Oct. 2013.