Dr. Ken Prestwich
Professor -- Biology Department
Comparative and Ecological Physiology, Animal Behavior, Arachnology/Entomology
Ph.D., Zoology, University of Florida

Welcome!  On this site you will find materials related to my teaching and research interests including some of the work that my more recent undergraduate collaborators have accomplished. 

Resources that are available for the use of others include a website dedicated to the teaching of the use of game theory in evolutionary studies (complete with simulations), extensive resources for an advanced undergraduate course in physiology and programs for frequency analysis (intended primarily for use with insects).


Contact Information
Office: O'Neil 108
O'Neil 104 & O'Neil 206
E-mail: kprestwi@holycross.edu
Phone: (508) 793-2578 (Office and Labs)
(508) 793-2656 (Biology Department Office-- please use this number during semester & summer breaks)
FAX: (508) 793-2696

On Leave for the 2019-2020 Academic Year (off campus)

This page was last updated 11 November 2019

Ken Prestwich with a now former study subject, a female northern stick insect, Diapheromera femorata, which was released shortly after this photo was taken. Photo by J McAlister, Oct. 2013.