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A Walk in Space By: Cameron Keady

posted May 13, 2013, 6:01 PM by
On Thursday, May 9, there was trouble at the International Space Station. Flakes of frozen ammonia was flying though the space station. The team onboard immediately to figure out what happen. Two astronauts named Thomas Marshburn and Christopher Cassidy  were looking around the space station but they didn't see any damages to the space station. Even though it looked like good pipes they just changed it. Ammonia is used in the ISS to cool all the electronic equipment. They could still not figure out what happened to the pipes and NASA though it was a tiny crack or a leaky seal in the pipe. The ISS was launched on 1998 and the scientist are researching and collecting data about stuff. They are still trying to figure out the mystery about the pipes.

Class Question: What do you think happened to the pipes at the International Space Station?