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The Meaning of Memorial Day.

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Technically, summer doesn't start until June 21. But many people think that Memorial day is the start of summer. We celebrate Memorial Day on May 27. Many families celebrate Memorial day by grilling at home or watching a movie in the theaters . But Memorial day is much more important than some people think.

Soldier Donnie Terrell, a member of the U.S. Army, carries his daughter Hailey during a parade at MacDill Air Force Base, in Tampa, Florida.
Soldier Donnie Terrell, a member of the U.S. Army, carries his daughter Hailey during a parade at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

Some of our United States families go to the graveyard to cherish memories they made with friends or family members that past serving as a soldier.  

Class question: How does your family spend memorial day?

Anniversary at Everest By: Stephanie Kraus, Summarized By: Ricky Romero

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             On May 28, 2013, thousands of people didn't stop to climb Mt. Everest. The mountain is 29,035 foot tall and more daredevils still climb to break records along the way.
Thursday, a Japenese woman named Yuichiro Miura an 80 year old lady broke the record of the oldest person to climb Mt. Everest. Then she has a rival of beating her record and he is 81 years old and he has a week to beat it and he is doing it now.

Class Question: If you climbed Mt. Everest what would you do first?

Worlds Largest Lego Model Summarized by Shay Sauco

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When 32 builders build the LEGO replica of the X-Wing (one of the fighter planes from Star Wars) they decide to make it life size. The X-Wing took about 4 months to build and 5,335,200 LEGO bricks to actually make it life size. The replica of the X-Wing was actually 42 times the size of the one that they sell in stores.  One of the creators who helped build the X-Wing was Erik Varsegi. Erik told TFK that the reason why they built this replica is for the new series on Cartoon Network called " The Yoda Chronicles " the miniseries, that will be shown on May 29 on Cartoon Network.
Class Question: Why do you think people made the X-Wing life size and not any other fighter planes in Star Wars?

Cinderella Hits Broadway By: Adriana Palmieri

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    The movie about a young girl who lives with her evil stepmother and two stepsisters is now on Broadway. It has the same story line and the same characters but there is more music and more detail. You can tell that a bunch of people worked very hard on this show because this musical has already been nominated for nine Tony Awards and the actress who plays Cinderella, Laura Osnes has also been nominated for the Tony of best actress in a musical. There are a few changes in the musical than in the Disney version. In the play Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters aren't so cruel and after dropping her slipper she picks it back up.
Class Question: Would you like to watch this play even if there were some changes? Why or why not?

The Winning Doodle By:Suzanne Zimbler

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On May 22, 2013, A high school girl named Sabrina Brady won the Doodle for Google Contest. The contest is an event where kids draw their own Google logo matching the topic. This topic was "My Best Day Ever."Sabrina's doodle was about when she was 10 years old and her father came from Iraq. It touched everyone's hearts and her doodle was put on the Google website for one day.
There were almost 130,000 entries from kids around the world. As the Grand-Prize winner, Sabrina got a $30,000 scholarship and computer and technology money for her school.

Class Question: Would you enter the Doodle for Google Contest? Want would you draw?

Epic BY: Stephanie Kraus

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Epic is a movie about a teenage girl named Mary Catherine who searched for her dad who hadn't return home from the forest. She had been searching for her dad everywhere, but she couldn't find him so she decided to look for him in the forest but she ended up in a secret world which her dad had been studying about. She has to defeat the boggans in order to save the forest, the world, and her dad. This movie was made to inspire kids to go outside and to explore nature. Watching this movie will make you realize that going outside is very important and playing outside is more fun then playing indoors.

Class Question: What would you choose playing indoors or playing outdoors? Why?

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Tornado Devastates Oklahoma Town

By Kid Reporter Kelli Plasket
Summary by Jacob P.
    It was a sad moment when a tornado stuck Moore,Oklahoma. The population for that city was about 41,000 thousand people. At least 24 were killed and several children to. 120 were also treated at hospitals. A highway patrol officer named Betsy Randolph. Betsy was hoping that she can find survivors. There was a survivor named Philip Gotcher. The Tornado damaged many buildings like schools, hospitals, and houses.

Class question: What would you do if there was a tornado? 

A Walk in Space By: Cameron Keady

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On Thursday, May 9, there was trouble at the International Space Station. Flakes of frozen ammonia was flying though the space station. The team onboard immediately to figure out what happen. Two astronauts named Thomas Marshburn and Christopher Cassidy  were looking around the space station but they didn't see any damages to the space station. Even though it looked like good pipes they just changed it. Ammonia is used in the ISS to cool all the electronic equipment. They could still not figure out what happened to the pipes and NASA though it was a tiny crack or a leaky seal in the pipe. The ISS was launched on 1998 and the scientist are researching and collecting data about stuff. They are still trying to figure out the mystery about the pipes.

Class Question: What do you think happened to the pipes at the International Space Station?

What Makes You Beautiful MAY 10, 2013 By Elizabeth Winchester

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Summarized by Aizza-Rose Morales  

    Anna Craig, 11, has a paper doll covered with stickers. Each sticker is labeled with an adjective such as creative, cheerful, smart or kind. “We choose stickers that best describe us and put them on our dolls,” explains Anna, who did the activity with a group of fourth-grade girls last year. “All these words are what makes me beautiful!” The activity is part of a program called Beautiful Me.  The Hance Family Foundation, which was created to honor three sisters killed in a car accident, offers the program for free to schools and community groups. The program’s goals are to help girls and young women build healthy levels of self-esteem and develop skills for handling problems and relationships with others. Beautiful Me defines self-esteem as how you feel about yourself and what you think your value is as a person.   

Class Question: Would you make a Beautiful Me doll too. Why or Why not. Explain.  

Monsters University By: Kelli Plasket

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By: Andi Mercado     
    Monsters Inc. was a hit movie in 2001. Best friends, Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan work in Monsters Inc. as partners, but they weren't best friends before. Monsters University takes place back then when Mike and Sullivan met and were taught to scare. When their rivalry gets them kicked out of the scaring education program, Mike and Sullivan joins the Oozma Kappa fraternity which is a group of rejected scaring majors. Mike and Sulley will try to help the Oozma Kappa monsters win the university's annual scare games competitions. Director, Dan Scalon tries to show us the relationship of the two guys and how it all started. He takes us back to Mike and Sulley's past. You can learn more about this movie in theaters June 21 in 

Class Question:  Why do you think the director chose to show them in College? Why not in High School? Grade School? 

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