Librarian, Science (2nd grade), Art Teacher (1st and 2nd Grade), 4th Grade Religion Teacher, Peace Garden Coordinator

1 Peter 4:10 “Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.”

I had been at Holy Angels School since 2004. Before coming to this school I was teaching at St. John the 
Baptist Catholic School in Hawaii for 13 years. Presently, I am the librarian of the school.  I am also teaching Religion in 4th grade, teaching science in 2nd grade and teaching 1st and 2nd grade Art classes.  I enjoyed teaching the children especially doing hands-on activities with them as we integrate our lessons to life learning experiences.  

As a person, I love plants and flowers.  I see God’s hands as the children and I watch the vegetables and flowers grow during our Science experiments and Religion lessons on creation and growth in our relationship with God and of one another.  It is a joy to watch the children in awe when they observe and journal on their learning.   They look forward to harvest the vegetables as I make vegetable omelet for them. We share some of our produce to the poor families of our parish. 

Science Fusion:  This year we will begin using Science Fusion series in our Science class.  It is filled with many hands-on activities with technology integration.  The students will complete pre-reading, writing, and post-reading activities for the book My Science Project. They will complete a writing assignment, go over vocabulary, respond to short-answer questions, have discussions, and more.

A visit to the local zoo will launch an integrated life science/ language arts research project into the habitat, feeding habits, offspring, lifespan, and other interesting facts about animals. Each group will select two animals to photograph and research. Using information gathered from books and the Internet, groups will produce pages for a class book and a tutorial using Tool Factory Workshop. They will share their trip with another class in their presentation.

4th Grade Religion

It is a privilege to teach Religion to young minds.  We learn and experience the presence of God in our daily life.  We make the Scriptures alive in our lessons, reflections and discussions.  The Words of Jesus in the Beatitudes and the Commandments are guides for life as we all journey through life. 

Safe and Caring School themes and activities are well integrated in my lessons.  I do a lot of projects with the children that make learning fun and interesting. 

Music and Choir … I help the choir prepare for the Sunday Liturgy every Monday after school. The children are trained to be song leaders.  When we sing, we pray twice!