Welcome! Kindergarten will be an exciting year of changing!

Kindergarten Curriculum

Religion: Children are introduced to God our Creator and source of Love. Children hopefully will understand that all people are special gifts of God's love, and the world around us is His creation for us to share and take care of for others. The Children are introduced to the idea of community-family, friends, and neighbors working together to take care of each other and the world around us following the example of Jesus and His followers.

Social Studies: Children recognize similarities and differences among their classmates and the people they come in contact. The importance of sharing responsibilities, taking  turns and cooperating with others. Children will learn about their community and the people who work in the community They will know how the world changes with new inventions and new discoveries. They will learn about their countries symbols and traditions.

Science:  Children will be introduced to observing and discovering with their senses, and science tools. They will be introduced to weather and seasons, living and non-living things, animal habitats, day/night, the earth's resources, matter, resources, matter, energy and motion.

Language Arts: Children learn to write their letters the Holy Angels' way, they earn phonemic awareness -letter sounds, that words have to have a vowel, that they can identify beginning and ending sounds, rhyming words and  some words have more than 1 syllable. When talking or writing we use naming words called nouns, doing or action words named verbs, and describing words named adjectives. Children begin pushing sounds together to form words and begin writing simple sentences.

Math: We have adopted the California Common Core Standards.  Students will compose and decompose through 20, add and subtract through 10, identify ordinals first-fifth, identify 2 and 3 dimensional shapes, draw 2 dimensional shapes, count to 100 by 1s,10s, 5s, and start learning 2s, they will also be introduced to place value such as 1set of 10 and 9 ones is 19.

A Typical Day in Our Kindergarten Class

Holy Angels School Kindergarten: A Typical Day

About Mrs. Mary Corral

Name: Mary Alice Corral

Kindergarten Teacher at Holy Angels School from the 1988-89 school year to the present school year

Vice Principal of K-4 from 1999 to the present school year

Extended Care Director from 1991-present school year

Prior to moving to the Bay Area from the Pacific Northwest I was a long term/short term substitute teacher for special needs classes and grades K-5, as my husband was a trouble shooter for the Fred Meyer Company, and we never knew how long we would be in an area. I am the proud parent of two grown children and the "Nana" to two delicious granddaughters. 

My favorite things to do when I am not working are rock babies, read to Mireya and Cerys, knit, and cook (when I have time).

It has been an honor to be a part of the Holy Angels School family and to watch all my babies grow into great young people and super adults!