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Flag Football Summaries
Flag Football PeeWee Division:
We played our first game this past Saturday against Bayshore Warriors who were a fast and run oriented team. We scored first with a half-back toss to Rafael Morabe who broke to the left to the sideline then ran 30 yards for 6 points. Angels went for the extra point, but were stopped short. Next series we did a hand off toss from Uziah Metcalfe to Rafael Morabe who broke free from two defenders who continued to run up the sideline with a block by Jaylen Natan down field that let Rafael straight into the end zone. Extra point was good. Key plays defense was great. We were able to push the Warriors and stop the running offense. Stand out players Rafael Morabe, Khobe Arzadon, Justin, Uziah Metcalfe, Jett, Jaylen Natan, all with key stops to win the game. Final score: Angels - 13, Warriors - 6.
Coach Natan, Coach Metcalfe, and Coach Garcia
7th-8th Grade Division Flag Football:
The SENIOR DIVISION ANGELS played their first flag football league game lastnight against the Falcons from Ben Franklin. The Angels turned on the heat on defense by attacking the ball everytime. The defense collected 4 interceptions, two of which coming from veteran player, Dean Ricasa and one apiece from first year players, Justin Pring and Rolando Etorma. On the offensive side of the ball, the Angels' scoring burst were led by quarterback, Richard Lopez, who threw for 4 touchdown strikes to Jorge Varela, Richard Coughlan, and Jeremy Rimando, who ran like "crazy." All in all, a great win for the Angels as they dominated the game 26 - 0.
Coach Pat and Coach Gary
--,--, 2009
The Angels played the Under Dogs last Saturday and soundly defeated them 33 - 6 to start their flag football season with an unbeaten 2 - 0 record. The Angels were led by quarterback, 7th grader Richard Lopez, who continued his impressive performance by throwing for 5 touchdown passes to 5 different receivers. Touchdown scores were caught by Jorge Varela, Zachary Martin, Kyle Lautan, Justin Pring, and Rolando Etorma. The Angels' suffocating defense continued their stinginess by allowing only 6 points...a very dominant performance, but as the Angels know, it's NEVER  how you start but RATHER how you FINISH! Keep up the hard work, determination, and motivation to continue to get better not only individually but more importantly, as a flag football TEAM!!!
Coach Pat and Coach Gary
--,--, 2009
The Angels played the Warriors from Bayshore last Saturday in a hard-fought game that went down "to the wire." The Angels were led by the energy, effort, and spectacular catch-receiving skills of 8th graders, Jorge Varela and Kyle Lautan. Both receivers each caught a touchdown pass, along with playing some tight defense and coming away with one interception apiece. This was the first time this season the Angels' flag football team was challenged and they truly stepped up and made some significant progress in the "toughness department." Even though we came up short and loss 21 to 14, we had a chance to tie the score at the end of the game....that's all we can ask opportunity. Our record now stands at 2 wins and 1 loss and look to rebound against the Roadrunners this Saturday! We'll continue to work, practice hard, and get better!
Coach Pat and Coach Gary
--,--, 2009
The Angels flag football played a tough Roadrunners team last Saturday. Fortunately, the Angels played tougher and came away with a 32 - 27 victory to improve their league record to 3 wins and 1 loss. In addition, with an inspiring win, the Angels clinched a playoff spot. The Angels offense were led by receiver, Justin Pring, who caught 2 touchdown passes and receiver Kyle Lautan, who contributed to the scoring with a touchdown catch of his own. Quarterback, Richard Lopez, was on point once again as he found open receivers and threw for 4 touchdown passes. The Angels' defense were by defensive backs, Jeremy Rimando and Leonard Fernando, who helped changed the momentum of the game by reading the opposing team's quarterback and grabbing individual interceptions. In addition, Justin Pring intercepted a pass as well and returned it for his 3rd touchdown of the game. Overall, a great performance by the Angels as they continue to make progress in preparation for the playoffs. Remember, we have not played our "best football" yet!
Coach Pat and Coach Gary
11-19-2009 - PLAYOFFS
The Angels' flag football team played a wild and crazy playoff game lastnight against the Roadrunners of Fernando. Big plays after big plays was the name of the game! The Angels trailed 14 - 0 early in the 1st quarter; however they battled back and continued to believe in their offensive snd defensive philosophies. The Angels got on the score board with quarterback, Richard Lopez, throwing a touchdown pass to receiver, Kyle Lautan. The Angels went on to score 2 more touchdowns with receivers, Jorge Varela and Kyle Lautan, making spectacular runs after catching the football. In addition, receiver, Justin Pring, made an incredible one-handed leaping grab for a 1 point conversion. However, this high intensity playoff game was won on the defensive side of the football. The Angels' Defense, using sheer determination and will, stopped the Roadrunners from scoring a game-winning touchdown on 4 consecutive plays at the end of the game. Key defensive contributors were defensive back, Leonard Fernando, who batted the football and birthday boy, Kyle Lautan, who made an interception, that capped the goal-line stand amd enabled the Angels to soar and win 25 - 21. Zachary Martin, Dean Ricasa, and Jorge Varela played key roles on defense to truly make this a complete team effort. The Angels' playoff quest continues on Saturday as they strive to qualify and compete in next Tuesday's Turkey Bowl.
Coach Pat and Coach Gary
Basketball Summaries
3rd Grade Boys' Basketball:
Holy Angels 3rd grade boys' basketball team played Star of the Sea. The Hawks' starting 5 were a little bit bigger and stronger than us. But we were faster and more aggressive. 1st quarter started out slow with Jaylen and Rafael scoring 2 points each. The other team had 6 points at the end of the 1st quarter. The beginning of the 2nd quarter we started to take over with great defensive plays from Rafael and Khobe and steals by Jesus and Jaylen we were able to control the tempo from then on we took the lead when Khobe scored 6 points and Jaylen and Rafael scored 2 points each. We won the game. Score: Star of the Sea - 13; Angels - 17.
Holy Angels 3rd grade boys played St Elizabeth. 1st quarter Jaylen scored a quick 4 points to start the game. Our defense  was great with key stops from Brandon and Jesus and steals by Timothy. Khobe as point directed the team and got everybody involved. 2nd quarter khobe scored 8 points and Rafael added his 3 points. 2nd half of the game Brandon rebounded the ball and put back a shot for 2 points. Jaylen added another 2 points for the team. Final score of the game: St. Elizabeth - 13; Angels - 19.
The 3rd grade boys played a tough opponent: the Hawks of Star of the Sea. They came to play hard and to win. The game started off with a bang with both teams scoring fast and furiously. hawks scored first with a shot from their #1 player. We answered back with a great shot by #18 Rafael Morabe. By the end of the first quarter the score was 5 - 4 as Hawks were ahead. The second quarter was just as intense with Holy Angels scoring first and from #24 Khobe Arzadon and #18 Rafael Morabe with great defensive plays from Brandon Reyes and Jesus Reyes going into the half; the score was 12 - 10 as Angels were ahead. The crowd was going crazy at the beginning of the third quarter. It was very hot and tense during this quarter. Each team scored 4 points. The score was 16 - 14; the Angels were still leading. The 4th quarter was where all the excitement took place with each team trying to win. A back and forth scoring took place with Angels and Hawks scoring enough points to tie the game at the end of the 4th; 20 - 20 tie game. The beginning of overtime was so exciting. Holy Angels' player was fouled and made one shot. Then, Khobe, from a pass from Rafael, scored another 2 points to get Holy Angels ahead by 3 points. Hawks went to the free throw line to shoot 2 shots, but were only able to make one. 23 - 21 with only 3.8 seconds in the game. Jesus for the inbound pass, while all of the Hawks were pressing up front, threw the ball to Tomothy Ramos' waiting hands and was able to run the clock down as the buzzer rang. HOLY ANGELS were victorious and became 3rd grade champs of division 4.
Coach Arzadon and Coach Natan
4th Grade Boys' Basketball:
DCPR: Angels beat Lightning 9 - 8 after trailing the whole game. The defense was key to this victory. Our last basket proved to be the game winner and the defense kept the Lightning from scoring with 1 minute and 30 seconds remaining in the game. It was very frantic and the home crowd was very loud.
CYO: Angels were defeated 19 - 12 at Holy Name in another come-from-behind effort. Down 12 - 4 in the first half, the defense forced turnovers and quick scores to narrow the margin at 16 - 12. Angel turnovers kept us from scoring again. Great effort by all! Need a win against OLPH to have a chance at the playoffs.
Angels played a real great game holding Cornerstone scoreless throughout the game. Angels were led by their big man Uziah Metcalfe who led the way with 10 points and multiple rebounds. Justin Geranimo dribbled around defenders and although scored 1 point dished out the ball to his teammates who took it to the hoop along with playing great defense. Jett Magalong moved the ball around and helped find Damon Santos and Patrick Vergara who scored 4 points each. The Angels "D" was key in keeping Cornerstone with Shane McKnight and Brian Le sticking on their assigned players!
Angels - 19
Cornerstone - 0

The 4th grade boys' playoff hopes ended with a loss to OLPH on Saturday, 23 - 17. The boys were down early 17 - 6 in the first half. The closed the gap to 3 points in the third quarter. But they could not score in the fourth quarter. It was a great comeback by the fourth graders. The final game of CYO ended with a win yesterday, 14 - 10 over St. Gabriel. The boys started off strong and never gave up the lead. Uziah led all scorers with a career high 10 points. The final standings in CYO, 4 wins and 4 losses. Great effort fourth graders!
With only 4 players available on the 4th grade boys team, it didn't seem likely that they would compete with the OLM (B) team. But these are 4 of our best players who came to play hard. Damon nailed two 3 pointers, Brian and Uziah hit two buckets apiece, and Jett contributed a bucket with a flashy drive to the basket. Defense held OLM to 4 points in the second half to win 16 - 14. Despite the odds, these boys battled on defense led by 6 steals by Damon and awesome defensive boards by Brian and Uziah. Great effort by the fantastic four!
The boys basketball team played the reigning undefeated champs of CYO, the OLM (A) team. The super six stunned the champs with a convincing win, 24 - 14. The halftime ESPN highlight goes to Patrick Vergara with less than five seconds remaining before the half, he dribbles the length of the court with a defender trailing....Patrick goes to his left and scores an off-balance three pointer with 1.9 seconds left on the clock. Patrick shuffles back on defense with his arms raised and the crowd going in a frenzy. Damon impresses again this game with another two 3 pointers of his own. Uziah  had his usual average points. Brian, Jett, and Justin played outstanding and met the challenge by their coaches to grab more rebounds. Great effort by the super six!
The 4th grade boys team ended the Park and Rec season with a win, 14 - 5. The defense shut down the Silverwolve's offense. The boys team moved the ball well and limited their turnovers. Uziah, Damon, Patrick, and Justin scored buckets. Great defense by Jett and Damon and defensive boards by Brian. Keep shooting and playing at home, park, or the gym. Be ready to run, run, run, and more running next season!
 Coach Magalong and Coach Metcalfe
5th Grade Boys' Basketball:
After being down 12 - 4 at the half, the Angels 5th grade boys came back in the 2nd half to outscore Good Shepherd 18 - 10 as the game ended tied at 22 all. But in the overtime the Angels' comeback just fell short as the Angels lost 27 - 24in their CYO opener. The 2nd half comeback was led by Sebastian Cruz's 10 points and 8 points by Sean Apellanes as the Angels' fastbreak came alive along with key offensive and defensive rebounds from Luke O'Driscoll.
For the second week in a row, the Angels 5th grade boys did it again as they came from behind only to lose it in ovetime, this time to Salesian 19 - 15. Sebastian Cruz led the 5 man team with 8 points followed by Luke's 6. Strong defensive play by Teddy Cordano and Craig Tangonan, along with Luke's numerous rebounds, help the Salesian scoreless in the third quarter. But the highlight of the day was Nathan Devilla grabbing a rebound and then going coast-to-coast on a fastbreak that caught everyone by surprise.

The Angels 5th grade boys team won the 2nd game of their double header on Saturday, when they beat the Silverwolves 18 - 11 in the Daly City Rec action. In an injury filled game, where players from both teams hit the floor, the defense, led by Luke, Craig, and Teddy "You Can Call Me Mr. D-Fense", held the Silverwolves scoreless in the 2nd quarter and only allowed 4 points in the 2nd half. Sean Apellanes led all scorers by 9 followed by Nathan Devilla with 4 points and Sebastian Cruz with 3.

With two players out sick and only four healthy bodies for the game, the Angels' 5th grade boys team lost to the Saints 21 - 9 in Daly City Rec Action. The Angels' offense was led by Sean Appelanes with 7 points, while the defense held the Saints' offense in check for 3 quarters.
The Angels' 5th grade boys team kept it close for three quarters as the lead changed hands several times, but in the last 14 seconds of the third quarter two of the Angels' players went down with injuries and with another fouling out, the boys were forced to play with only 3 players in the fourth quarter allowing the Nuggets to beat the Angels 25 - 15 in a hard fought game. Sean led the Angels in scoring with 7 along with Nathan's 5.
Coach Steve, Coach Michael, Coach Brandon, and Coach Joshua
6th Grade Boys' Basketball:
6th grade boys Angels celebrated a win against Star of the Sea(Hawks) on Saturday. A game we were ahead in points throughout because of Marcus's unstoppable offense at 20 points (3 3-point shots!) Hawks made a comeback in the 4th quarter and managed to cut the lead by 1 at the end of regulation. Jeremy's interception with 8 seconds left the game sealed for the Angels. Great effort and defense once again prevailed in a win for us against a much bigger team.
In the CYO league, they played and beat West Portal Wildcats 23 - 19. In Parks&Rec, they beat Our Lady of Mercy Bulldogs B, 31 - 18. They were trailing by 7 points at the half and caught up on both 3rd and 4th quarters to win a close game against the Wildcats' home court in SF. On both games, Marcus and Carlsein stood out. Marcus made 25 points combined for both games and Carlsein's 15 points and both dominated in rebounds and steals this past weekend. Our standing in CYO is 4 - 0 and Parks&Rec 1 - 0. Go Angels!
6th grade boys Angels lost to DC Pal Wolfpack on Saturday 26- 20 at Ben Franklin gym. Despite a cold start trailing by 16 points in the 1st quarter, Angels came back with Carlsein's relentless efforts (10 points, 10 rebs, 3 steals). Matthew with 3 points, 2 rebs; Ben 2 points, 3 asts, 2 steals; Marcus 2 points, 2 rebs, 1 ast; Jeremy 2 points, 1 reb; Jordan 1 point, 1 reb, 1 ast; John 3 rebs, 1 steal.
Here's a recap of our game against St. Brigid where we had our first loss in CYO. A fast-paced and close game resulting in a 5 point difference in the end, St. Brigid - 26; Angels - 21. With 3 more games to play in the regualr season, HA is ranked first with West Portal at 4 - 1. Next game is on Saturday the 23rd at 11am. against Star of the Sea. Go Angels!
Our third game in Parks&Rec tourney resulted in a 34 - 6 win against DC Pal Dawgs. Another spectacular performace from the team, but especially from Carlsein and Marcus. Jordan added in 7 points, John 2 points. Ben 3 ast, 3 stls, 1 reb. Matthew 5 rebs, 1 stl. Jeremy 2 stls.
Coach Yapching, Coach Fernandez, and Coach Vierneza
7th Grade Boys' Basketball:
Angels got off to a slow start in the beginning but managed to keep it somewhat close. With the full court pressure that was applied by the Angels DEFENSE, we changed the pace of the game. After a brief debate with the score keepers, the game was head-to-head down to the wire. The game was finally decided by free throws by St. Charles.
Angels - 22; St. Charles - 23.
Team Angels step it up against one of the division leaders.....The boys started off slow as usual in the first half. Behind the strong play of "BIG MAN" Richard Lopez and key baskets by Tommy Plantz, we were able to go into the half down by one point. With the ANGELS applying their full court pressure, we were able to somewhat control the second half and pull it away. Key steals during this "pressure defense" were made by Tyler de Dios and Jesus Yanez. These steals were created by the quick feet and hands of Jeremy Rimando and Angelo Pepino. Great display of heart and character boys!
Very intimidating game from the start due to the huge size difference in teams. Second and fourth quarters were indeed our strongest quarters. Led by the ball hawking defense of Jesus Yanez an sharp shooting of Tommy Plantz and Tyler de Dios, we were able to defeat the bigger Town team 37 - 23.
One of the most intense games of the early season. The ANGELS start the game off to a slow start down by ten in the first quarter. With our full court pressure bringing us some energy we were able to trim the lead. Valiant defensive effort by Angelo Pepino and strong rebounding by Richard Lopez and we were back in the game. With seconds left and a 3 pointer by Tyler de Dios we tied the game at 35 all. With OLM making one of two free throws at the end of the game... time ran out on team ANGELS.
Another intense game in the making... again the ANGELS started the game very slow. Somewhat intimidated by the size of the MEGAN FURTH the ANGELS showed heart and character towards the end of the game. With Jeremy Rimando stepping it up on defense and key steals by Jesus Yanez and Angelo Pepino we over came a 13 point lead in the third quarter. Key shots by Tommy and Tyler brought the lead down to two points with under 10 seconds in the game. Our efforts came up short at the end losing by 5 points. WHAT A GAME!

Team ANGELS wrap up their CYO season missing the playoffs by one game. Led by a balanced scoring attack of Tommy, Tyler, and "BIG MAN" Richard. The team started off strong from the beginning and never looked back. The boys win a lopsided 45 - 15.

Team ANGELS controlled the game from the beginning. Led by the hot shooting of Jeremy Rimando with 13 points and strong play of Richard Lopez with 12 points, the boys cruised by with a convincing win over OLM winning by more than 40 points. Strong defensive play by Jesus and Angelo helped secure the win.
Huge victory for team Angels! The 7th grade boys end the DC Park and Rec leage in first place with a victory over Ben Franklin. The team started off strong with Jeremy Rimando scoring the first 4 points on fast breaks. With the consistent scoring of Tommy Plantz and Tyler de Dios, the Angels never looked back. Our "Big Man" in the paint Richard Lopez proved to be too much for the opposing team finishing with a strong 10 points. With a tenacious defense of Jesus Yanez and Angelo Pepino we took full control of the entire game. Great job boys!
Coach Terrell and Coach John