Welcome to Eighth Grade

The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it’s open.” Frank Zappa

Holy Angels’ eighth grade curriculum is aligned with both Archdiocesan and California State guidelines. In all subjects we either meet or exceed requirements; striving to develop a curriculum aimed at challenging each individual student to achieve their best. Technology is woven through out the curriculum to ensure a well-rounded student who can function easily in our ever-advancing society.

The Algebra program is taught according to each student’s ability. There are three different levels of Algebra to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students. Holy Angels has continued the California Common Core standards for math. Eighth grade studies Physical Science and the students use our science lab where they delve into the study of nonliving matter with Mr. Patrick Calma.

Our Social Studies program gives students a chance to embark on an incredible journey of United States and California History. Students discover the foundations of our nation as well as understanding the importance of our home state as part of the nation. Together we learn how our civilization’s cultures and achievements influence modern day society. Our studies focus on political, social and economic changes, geography and current events. The goal is for the students to understand the importance of our past as it relates to their present and future.

As writing and language are integral to all subjects, our “Step Up to Writing” program helps incorporate composition into all subjects. We are in our second year of implementation for new common core standards for ELA. Key learning objectives for reading and language arts include an emphasis on the ability to accurately apply grammar, punctuation and syntax skills while developing complex grade appropriate vocabulary. Students learn to read with fluency while applying comprehension strategies. Included in language arts this year is the return of Spanish classes. Mrs. Laura Nordman will be responsible for teaching this subject.

The heart of our curriculum is the study of our Catholic Faith. As our religious beliefs are the very base of the of our existence, Religion is not only taught as a subject, but integrated into teachings throughout the day.  In preparing the students for participation in the Sacrament of Confirmation, a strong emphasis on service to the community is deeply encouraged during the school year. This year we especially focus on mercy and compassion as we join with Pope Francis in celebration the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.

Through art, music and dance students are giving the opportunity to explore self-expression and creativity while preparing for special performances and events. These enrichment courses also provide an additional avenue for students to demonstrate their talents and successes. Further enrichment is found in our Safe and Caring School program where respect of self and others is emphasized daily. This program also provides conflict resolution skills as well as self-confidence boosters for all grades. This is further reinforced through our monthly “Family Meetings.”

Our goal at Holy Angels is to facilitate each child to reach their fullest potential, while encouraging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. As a teacher, my specific goal is to ensure that each student feels successful, is able to think critically and problem solve, and be spiritually and academically prepared as a graduate to succeed in their future endeavors.