Seventh Grade Core Subjects

Emphasis is placed on personal responsibility and discipline. Students are expected to conduct themselves as leaders and role models as they are now part of the Junior High at Holy Angels School.  This is the first year that they are allowed to participate in Student Council.  Academically, students are encouraged to perform to the best of their ability as they prepare themselves to meet the rigors of eighth grade and high school. 

Religion – The main text for the subject is RCL’s Faith First – Scripture and Prayer.  Students participate in the Safe and Caring Schools Program and as of 2013, the 7 Habits of Effective Christian Leaders is implemented in the classroom.  Students are responsible for planning and participation of two school masses and one family mass. 

Language Arts – Students use Vocabulary Workshop-Level C as their speller for the year.  For English grammar, they utilize Warriner’s English and Daily Grammar Practice series; writing assignments are also given using the Step Up to Writing process..  In Reading, students use Holt’s Elements of Literature, and are responsible for monthly book reports.

Algebra ½ or Algebra 1 – Students are placed in either the Algebra ½ (Pre-Algebra) class, taught by Mrs. O’Hara or Algebra 1 taught by Mrs. Lee.  Saxon’s Algebra 1/2 and Algebra 1 are the primary texts. Math Common Core standards in math are implemented as of the 2013 school year.

Social Studies  - Students focus on Medieval and Early Modern Times using Glencoe’s series of the same name.   Medieval Europe and the Italian Renaissance are highlights of the year’s study.  Art and technology are implemented in the curriculum.  

Science – Subject is taught in the recently renovated Science lab by Mr. Patrick Calma.  Hands on activities and labs are emphasized.

About Mrs. O'Hara

Mrs. O’Hara was born and raised in San Francisco.  She is a product of Catholic education having graduated from St. Paul of the Shipwreck Elementary School and Mercy High School.   She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies and her California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University.  Mrs. O’Hara has experience teaching the third, fifth, sixth and seventh grades.  She has been teaching at Holy Angels since 1994.

Catholic education is a constant in her life.  Mrs. O’Hara is married to a Catholic School teacher.  Her son attended and graduated from Holy Angels School and is currently attending Archbishop Riordan High School.